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    For Sale '65 Imperial grilles

    A nice pair of grilles for a '65 Chrysler Imperial. I'd like to sell them locally as they're real heavy and would probably cost a small fortune to ship these days. $75 picked up here in San Diego.
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    For Sale '66 Dodge Monaco AM-FM radio

    This radio still works! The power and light wires and connectors are original and uncut, but, the connectors for the speaker have been removed. There's still a foot of speaker wire, so, add a couple of connectors and plug it in! The chrome has some scratches and pits, and the plastic face plate...
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    For Sale '66 Imperial RH outside door handle

    This is a nice used passenger side outside door handle off a '66 Chrysler Imperial. It has some minor scratches and pits, but, still good enough for a nice driver. The casting number is 2802042. It has the lock cylinder, but, no key currently. I can make you one for an additional $20 if desired...
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    For Sale '68 C-body NOS steering wheel

    This is a black NOS steering wheel for a '68 Chrysler with a telescoping column. It may fit other years and models of Dodge, and Plymouth, but, do your own research to verify it will fit your application. Just the wheel only, no other parts go with it. It has a few shelf wear scratches and...
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    For Sale '65 Imperial grilles

    A pretty nice pair of grilles off a '65 Chrysler Imperial. A few minor pits here and there, but, nothing bad at all. They even have the glass doors! They're very heavy, so, I'd like them to be picked up here in San Diego. $75 for the pair plus PayPal fees if you pay that way.
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    WANTED Universal Motor Company LTD license plate frames

    I'm still looking for some license plate frames from Universal Motor Company LTD of Honolulu HI. The nicer the better, but, just about any condition will help. Thanks, Mark
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    For Sale '66 Imperial RF outside door handle

    It's in pretty nice shape, good enough for a nice driver. It has a few minor pits and scratches, but, still looks good and works fine. It has the lock cylinder but no key (I should be able to make one for it for an additional cost if desired). It also has the springs and mounting nuts. It may...
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    SOLD Nice pair of '65 Imperial front outside door handles

    These are good enough for a nice driver the way they are. A few minor pits and/or scratches here or there, but, nothing bad at all. They're complete with the lock cylinder (no key though), springs, good working key doors, mounting nuts, etc. They would probably fit the '64 and '66 Imperial too...
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    For Sale '68 383 Carter carb# 4401

    This carb came on a car I bought, but, isn't the correct carb for what I'm doing, so up for sale it goes. It ran on the engine, but, wouldn't idle right. Probably needs to be cleaned out and a kit installed. I show it being the correct carb for many '68 models with an automatic, but, I would...
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    For Sale Carter 750 Competition series carb

    I got this carb years ago thinking I would have a use for it. Well, I don't at the moment, so, up for sale it goes. I never ran it, but, everything moves that supposed to, and I don't see any corrosion anywhere to keep it from working. I recommend that you put a kit in it, and jet it the way you...
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    For Sale '66 Dodge AM-FM working radio

    I got this AM-FM radio years ago from a '66 Monaco. I recently tested it and both AM and FM worked! It may fit other years and models of Mopars by making a custom hanger for the back, but, do your own research to verify it will fit your application. It has the 5 3/4" knob centers. The chrome...
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    SOLD '57-64? NOS Idler bushing

    This is an NOS idler arm bushing that fits various Mopar models from the late 50's to early 60's. Do your own research to make sure it fits your application. It's a Harris bushing supplied through NAPA. the NAPA part# is 267-5200 which is supposed to be their equivalent of the Mopar #1734327. I...
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    For Sale NOS E-brake to transmission spacer/sleeve/seal

    My understanding is this fits various Mopars from the mid 50's to '62 or so. The part number on the package and parts is 1488889. $39.50 PayPal delivered to a U.S. address only.
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    WANTED Universal Motor Company LTD. Honolulu, Hawaii

    I'm looking for some license plate frames from Universal Motor Company LTD. of Honolulu Hawaii. I would prefer some nice original ones from the mid 60's of course, but, I would also consider pitted, and/or broken ones to use as a pattern for getting them reproduced. Even a good photo of an...
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    For Sale '65 Imperial Grilles

    This is a pair of 1965 Imperial grilles. They're in very good condition, but, I'm sure you could find some flaws in the chrome and paint. They're big and HEAVY, so, shipping might be an issue from here in San Diego, Ca. Local pickup preferred, but, if you insist on having them shipped, be...
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    Mopar parts vehicles for sale

    A local guy I know has some vehicles he needs to sell quick. I don't have any photos but I'll describe them and if you have any interest, PM me and I'll give you his phone number. None of them run and haven't for many years so they'll have to be towed. I would recommend a trailer or rollback as...
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    '65 C-body 2drHT LH door glass in tint

    Like the title must be a '65 and fits several models including: Newport, 300, Monaco, Fury, and Custom 880. The New Yorker and Imperial will not work! Price it shipped to 91977 in SoCal. Thanks, Mark