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    Some more classic pictures

    The picture of the Hell Drivers rig brings back a lot of memories. It's hard to read, but I believe it says Paul Riddell's Imperial Hell Drivers on the truck door. 1969-73, I was in Parts at a small-town Ontario Chrysler dealership which sponsored Paul's crew at the local Fall Fair, and I was...
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    This Big-Block Plymouth Fury Used to Be a Moonshine Runner

    Back in 2013, my wife and I went on a camping trip through the South, in our '02 Concorde. She was panicking the whole way through the Smokies, (in daylight), even though I rarely went over the posted speed limit. Afterwards, I asked her how she would like to drive that road at 90mph in a '57...
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    This Big-Block Plymouth Fury Used to Be a Moonshine Runner

    That '65 Fury is more than awesome. I've had two songs going through my head since I first read this thread, and I have to share them, because there might be someone out there who doesn't know them. LOL Let me tell the story, I can tell it all, About the Whip-poor-will who ran illegal...
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    What's the top speed you have driven in your C-body?

    Miles per hour, on old highway 86 between Guelph and Elmira. My '66 Fury had a certified speedometer, but I was watching the road, not it, and the 318 Poly had some dirty tricks done to it by two of the mechanics at work.
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    What's the top speed you have driven in your C-body?

    Back in 1969, I was late leaving for work one morning, and did the 30 min. highway drive in about 15min., in my '66 Fury1 Police Special (318 Poly and H.D.727). Shortly after, one of the town Constables, a regular customer at the shop, came in to Parts, and asked if I had made it to work on...
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    SOLD 1969 Chrysler 300

    Hello, Kyle. The best laid plans, etc. My 1960 Buick Electra left this week to a good home, so I have a big empty spot in my shed. Unfortunately, without a clear Title for the 300, it can neither be exported out of the U.S., nor Imported into Canada, apparently not even as a parts car. So much...
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    SOLD 1969 Chrysler 300

    Hello, Kyle. Have checked, and if Border was open, I could be there in 9 hours; lots closer than I thought. When you can, please post any more pics you can; also the frame, floor and trunk condition. Will check with U.S. and Canada Customs re; importing car into Canada. Would really like to see...
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    SOLD 1969 Chrysler 300

    Hello, Kyle 340. I've got a serious case of goosebumps. I would really like a 4-door, which is what I had new back in the day, but the colour, interior, and price are right. The big problem is location; it's a long way from Ontario, and the Border is closed until at least Nov. 21st. An ownership...
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    For Sale NOT MINE 69 Chrysler 300 Chicago craigslist

    Exactly what I am looking for, except for a couple of snags. 1 The exchange rate on Cdn$. 2 It's a long way from Southern Ontario. 3 The costs of just getting it across the Border. 4 The Border is closed. 5 I need a buyer for my first car, which I bought new in 1966; a Honda S-600 convertible...
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    Time travel: what MoPar would you get?

    So many to choose from! Nostalgia whittles it down to three. First, a B-5/black 1969 Hemi-Road Runner coupe w/4-speed, power brakes, and A.M. radio. I got to be the first person in Canada to drive this car on the road, the day before the New Product Line Intro, September 1968 (there's a story to...
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    For Sale 70 CHRYSLER 300 HURST

    Brings back fond memories to an old fart like me. One fine evening in spring '70 I was at the old Chrysler Parts warehouse on Dixon Road, Toronto, Ont., picking up an order with my mighty '69 300. It was dark when I left, and another car pulled out behind me from the Executive parking lot. A...
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    For Sale C body grills NOS

    Too bad you're so far from me. I would love to see the 300, if it's a '69. Still hoping to find an affordable and repairable '69 300 4-door. If I could find buyers for a '60 Buick Electra parts car, and two 1966 Honda S-600 roadsters, (one of them 1-owner), then I would have the room and funds...
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    Meet Snow White, my 1970 N-code Dodge Polara Convertible

    Got to add my two cents worth. Congrats, that is one beautiful ride. For the record, the first Mopar I rode in was my Dad's 1-year-old 1951 Plymouth. My first Mopar was a 1966 Fury 1 2-door coupe, Police Special (318-2 Medium Duty truck engine, heavy-duty A727A, big rear end). The first Mopar I...
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    Need help Identifying Motor

    As an old Chrysler parts manager, and 1-time owner of a 1966 Fury 1, 2-door-post Police Special w/318 Poly, I agree that's what it is, and that it should be red. As far as power, mine was quite adequate. I used to Drag it, and believe it or not, I was protesed for beating a 1966 Monaco w/383...
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    Welcome Honda S600 to FCBO!

    I am a broken-down, old, retired, former Chrysler Parts Manager. Way back when, I owned a new 1969 300 4-door. I hope to find one that is affordable on my pension, so I can take my Wife for a ride in it. I've owned and driven Chrysler products since 1967, but my present Grand Caravan is no...