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    1973 Chrysler Newport - electric scheme/ diagram

    Hi guys, I have a 1973 Chrysler Newport sedan in the shop with some electric issues around the dashboard. Where can I find a scheme/ plan of the electric - including the fuses (just has 8 fuses) and the harness colors? Thanks in advance!
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    WANTED WTB: 1971 Fury sedan repair sheet metals

    Hello, I just received my 1971 Sport Fury sedan from San Francisco and started to disassemble the windows because the roof appeared to have some rust (underneath the car has no rust). I detected that the windshield was just fixed by using lots of glue into the rust nest. Does anybody know a...
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    WANTED WTB: 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury sedan windshield

    Hello, I am looking to buy a mint or new windshield for my 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury 4-door sedan. I am currently travelling through California with this vehicle and need a new windshield. Classic Industries in LA did not have any. The vehicle will be shipped to Germany in two weeks. Thanks in...
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    WANTED WTB: 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury parts

    Hello everybody, my name is Janik from Germany and I just purchased a 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury sedan in San Francisco. I will do a road trip trough California in April and get the car later on shipped to Germany. The vehicle is not perfect at this point and missing some parts that I would like...