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  1. 67ragtop

    1967 polara 500 value

    Looking for some real life opinions on what my car is worth. It has a 1974 400 motor installed. She runs pretty good. Thank you
  2. 67ragtop

    Seat covers

    will the 1967 gtx front bucket seat and rear seat covers fit on a 1967 polara 500 seats. They look like the same foam style. I cant find any for my polara. I can get The gtx,which is close enough to my pattern. Thanks
  3. 67ragtop

    Polara 500 fender lower trim pieces

    Anybody know where i could find these
  4. 67ragtop

    WANTED 67polara fender trim

    ATTACH=full]83309[/ATTACH] Looking forrear fender lower trim From end of wheel well back to bumper. Both sides
  5. 67ragtop

    my new project

    1967 polara 500
  6. 67ragtop

    where to find polara front quarter panel louvers

    looking for 2 on my 67 500
  7. 67ragtop

    WANTED 67 polara 500 front quarter panel louvers

    looking for 2 passenger side