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  1. Top Cat

    Taking a Ride in my '64 Newport

    Interesting that your '64 Chrysler was re-painted a primer-like gray over the original paint . . . and the car body is solid and rust free! My '60 Dodge Dart was also re-painted gray like that over the original white--and the body on my car is also remarkably rust-free! Maybe that was navy...
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    Solution for Smeary 1960 Dodge Speedometer Lenses

    The frosty white finish on the 1960 Dodge Scope-Sight "see through" speedometer lens is very fragile. If you Google search "1960 Dodge Speedometer" or "1960 Dodge Dashboard", you will see that many of these speedometer lenses have the white frosting smeared or worn away. My '60 Dart had this...
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    1960 Dodge Dart--Completely New Professional Paint Job, New Colors!

    Read all about it here:
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    1957 Plymouth Plaza

    Isn't that beautiful? May be impossible to find such and clean and pure example of one today! But it's a big country, so you never know . . .
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    NOT MINE 1960 Dodge Phoenix 4 Door

    I think it performs just fine, but I'm not a leadfoot--I take it easy with these cars. To me, reliability and ease of repair is more important. Here's a link:
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    Found 1960 Dodge Speedometer

    I sent you a Private Message.
  7. Top Cat

    Found 1960 Dodge Speedometer

    Complete unit or just the lens with the numbers on it. Any condition considered.
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    1960 and 1961 Dodge Parts

    Do you have a '60 Dodge speedometer (regular--not certified)? Will buy complete unit or just the lens part with the numbers.
  9. Top Cat

    1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Blue Heron

    Here's a link with a lot of information. Apparently 63,896 1955 Windsor Deluxe 4-door sedans were produced.
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    Speedometer Update

    $2700, which includes two-tone paint and a small amount of body work while they're at it.
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    Speedometer Update

    So I've made a few updates to my '60 Dart speedometer restoration that have improved things [refer to my earlier post], including making a separate odometer lens and shade behind the odometer opening. It still looks good in the garage, at night, and when the sun is behind you when driving, but...
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    Little things . . .

    On 1960 Dodge Darts, the gold finish tends to wear off the shield emblems on the hood and rear doors. A little gold paint, carefully brushed on to restore the original appearance, makes such a difference! I also did the "P's" in "Phoenix" too. 1) Typical hood emblem with gold finish worn off...
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    Fin Friday

    Not a Mopar, but this view of the '58 Cadillac looks like a screaming monster!
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    A Forward Look Fourth

    Solid coral '59 Dodge reminds me of my solid coral '59 Chevy. Beautiful architecture in the background--is that Lansing, Michigan?
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    1960 Dodge Speedometer: I May Have Boo-Booed

    So I have this '60 Dart Phoenix sedan, which is in about #3 condition. It has the "see-through" speedometer. Like on a lot of these I've seen, the speedometer lens frosting was smeared in places and I wanted to make it look uniform again. Some restored cars in internet search photos show how...
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    Can you identify a wheelcover?

    Now I'm thinking 1963 Chrysler. These are from eBay--they look to be painted white rather than flat black. Maybe they came in different colors...
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    Can you identify a wheelcover?

    I think you've steered me in the right direction--see below . . .
  18. Top Cat

    Can you identify a wheelcover?

    Uh, don't think so. Notice the "turbines" on the outer edge wrap around on the '60 Dodge wheelcover. Also the mystery wheelcover is slightly smaller in diameter than the '60 Dodge's--it covers less of the rim's outer surface.
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    Can you identify a wheelcover?

    A friend sent me a wheelcover which he thought was a match for my '60 Dodge Dart Phoenix. Turns out it doesn't quite match the wheelcovers on my car (which I'm sure are correct). So the next question is, what car is this wheelcover for? First picture: 1960 Dodge Dart correct wheelcover...