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  1. Gavin Jeffrey

    For Sale Scrapping two 68 new yorkers

    Hi, looking for drivers door stainless trim as per my picture. Let me know if you have one that is straight and dent free, mine has couple of creases. Thanks Gavin.
  2. Gavin Jeffrey

    For Sale Scrapping two 68 new yorkers

    Hi, I need the drivers door stainless trim, the piece that has the fine ribbed horizontal lines, as per the one in my picture with arrow marked to it. I need one that is strait and no dents, mine has some minor dents. Also need the plastic clips that hold it to the door if available. Please let...
  3. Gavin Jeffrey

    WANTED Hubcaps

    Hi, I am wanting to purchase a set of these hubcaps, factory 15" 1966 disc brake hubcaps. Let me know what you have or if you can help please. Gavin.
  4. Gavin Jeffrey

    For Sale 1966 New Yorker hubcaps

    Hi, Are these caps 14 or 15 inch ???
  5. Gavin Jeffrey

    Fender Skirt Parting Ways

    Hi, all the pins are there and go into the holes, lock lever pushes up and locks in over the tab, and it is locking in at other end of lever at top of wheel opening. So to me it all seems fine, the lever must be gradually lifting its way up maybe through vibration when driving ?? Gavin.
  6. Gavin Jeffrey

    Fender Skirt Parting Ways

    Hi, I have an issue i need to solve quickly. I was driving along a freeway a couple of weeks ago and whilst traveling at speed the right fender skirt (spat) decided to come off the car and slide down the road badly damaging the paint on the spat, luckily no dents bus badly scratched up. I...
  7. Gavin Jeffrey

    Magnum Wheels Help

    Hi, I am wanting to put a new set of Magnum wheels (vintique wheels) on my 1968 New Yorker. It has factory Budd disc brakes and factory 15 " wheels. I tried a new magnum rim on the front but was hitting the big Budd caliper ??? Can you fit Magnums to these cars with the Budd brakes. Any help...
  8. Gavin Jeffrey

    For Sale NOS Mopar Chemical/Oil/Solvent Cans

    Hi, I would like to buy 1 x Mopar supreme motor oil and 1 of the Heat control valve solvent tins. Please let me know postage to Ballarat, Victoria, Australia 3355 I can pay with paypal if this suits. Thanks Gavin
  9. Gavin Jeffrey

    Hello, how remove the trim of the c-pillar 68 Newyorker ?

    Hi, I have the same car and removed all trims before i repainted the car las year. So start by removing the roof rail rubbers (the rubber that the side glass seals against when up, this should just pull out of the channel it sits in) once removed this will expose the screws that holds the trim...
  10. Gavin Jeffrey

    Budd disc brake parts needed

    Yes they list as a LH and RH, the only difference is where the bleeder screw goes, all you do is order 2 of same side of what stock they have, take out bleeder and small brass feral that sits in hole where brake line goes in and switch around, it worked for me, calipers are identical both sides.
  11. Gavin Jeffrey

    Budd disc brake parts needed

    Hi, The parts for Bud disc brakes are hard to find and expensive as i found out recently. I rebuilt my Budd system on my 68 New Yorker, my rotors were worn out, leaking rusted calipers and worn lower ball joints (Budd system has different lower ball joints) So after lots of research and help of...
  12. Gavin Jeffrey

    Magnum 500 wheel issues

    Thanks for everyone's input, I have the factory steel rims and factory disc brake hubcaps on the car, i do like the original look but the Magnums just pop. Looks like i will be keeping the stock rims and caps. Gavin
  13. Gavin Jeffrey

    Magnum 500 wheel issues

    Hi, I am wanting to put a set of Magnum 500 wheels on my 68 New Yorker, i am looking at the Vintique ones, i can buy them locally here, I tried a 15 x 7 but it fouls on the factory Budd calipers. Is there a Magnum wheel that will clear the caliper in 15 x7 or 15 x 6, Also the Ford rims are...
  14. Gavin Jeffrey

    For Sale Door Panel Pull Straps NOS & Used 1967-1978 C Bodies

    Hi, Can i please buy the pair of 1968 New Yorker ones. Can you send me a paypal invoice with postage to [email protected] Gavin Jeffrey 48 Rowan Parade Wendouree, Victoria Australia 3355
  15. Gavin Jeffrey

    Rear brakes hanging on

    Hi, I have just completed my full rebuild of my disc (BUDD) and drum brakes on my 68 New Yorker NOTE.. I used two left Budd calipers and just swapped the bleeder and brass feral to the other hole on one caliper which gave me a left and right) The brakes are working well apart from an issue with...
  16. Gavin Jeffrey


    Hi, Thanks for the information, i just looked at mine and yes it looks like they interchange, have you done this before and found it worked.
  17. Gavin Jeffrey


    I buy a bit from Rock, they don't have RH in stock, seems RH is the one no one has, plenty of LH reconditioned around. how much for a RH core
  18. Gavin Jeffrey


    Sorry it is the LEFT side i need not right
  19. Gavin Jeffrey


    Hi, I have nearly completed my restoration of the factory Budd brakes on my 68 Chrysler New Yorker, I have fitted a nice pair of used rotors, rebuilt my bottom ball joints so it is nearly done. I ordered a pair of reconditioned Budd calipers from Summit Racing, i received the Left side caliper...
  20. Gavin Jeffrey

    Brake Parts

    I have been going through the same problems with the Budd system on my 68 New Yorker. My rotors were worn under size, and one had deep grooves from someone running out of pads at some point. My calipers were a mess, pitted bores and the brakes hanging on but not leaking. I think it was the 50...