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  1. Jim 68cuda

    1/87 scale (HO) 1958 Fury by Brekina

    A year ago, Brekina announced that they would be releasing a 58 Plymouth Fury in their line of highly detailed (mostly European) 1/87 scale line of plastic miniature cars. At that time, they released a photo of the unpainted test shot. Now, finally, they have shown painted preproduction examples...
  2. Jim 68cuda

    1/32 scale Blues Brothers slot cars
  3. Jim 68cuda

    Other Hobby's Besides Cars

    Yes. Its the Scenicruiser in 1/87 scale by Classic Metalworks.
  4. Jim 68cuda

    Some more classic pictures

    Unlike the Superbird (limited color choices), I believe the Daytona was available in any 1969 Dodge B body color, including yellow.
  5. Jim 68cuda

    1966 Polara Wagon headliner

    Here's a thread on For B Bodies Only about the plastic strips that hold the boards in place. You may need those too.
  6. Jim 68cuda

    Emblem Reproduction

    Just be aware that if they scan the original emblem to print, any defects in the original will need to be cleaned up on the cad file before printing. If the 3 D print is used to make a mold to create a metal replica, be aware that the mold may shrink slightly so the metal copy formed in the mold...