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  1. Verse

    1966 Newport 3 speed trans woes

    Hello all! I am still having hard shifting with my 3 speed trans. It takes some effort to shift out of first and into second. If I take too long to hit second, it grinds. Second to third is ok Third to second downshift is also difficult. This trans is just rebuilt. My first question is: is it...
  2. Verse

    Need transmission shaft measurement

    If you happen to have a 833 or 745 transmission laying around, could you take a measurement for me? I trying to troubleshoot a problem and I am wondering if the input shaft is too long. I need the dimension from the transmission case face to the end of the input shaft. Try to be as accurate as...
  3. Verse

    sticking clutch - NOT

    I replaced the A745 3-speed in my 66 Newport. It is all hooked up and all the linkages and clutch adjusted. It behaves like the clutch is not disengaging. How would I break that loose? Start in gear and go? What do I check for? Thanks again!
  4. Verse

    HELP; can't get driveshaft in

    On my 66 Newport, I have installed a newly rebuilt 745 transmission. I cleaned and lubed the yoke splines with some grease. I am meeting a lot of resistance trying to get the yoke to slide over the splines. The splines are engaged. I bumped up against what I think is the rear oil seal, and had...
  5. Verse

    A745 painted or no?

    Were the three or 4 speed transmissions painted at the factory for 1966? Were they engine color? Am asking for my American 1966 Newport.
  6. Verse

    Oil cap rebuild

    Is it possible to replace the fiber fill in the oil cap/breather ('66 383)? If so what do you use? If not, where do I find a replacement?
  7. Verse

    Transmission Parts Distributors ok?

    Has anyone here dealt with Transmission Parts Distributors ?(Transmission Parts Distributors) Any problems?
  8. Verse

    3 speed transmission rebuild parts

    Wheee does one get rebuild parts for the NP745? Bearings and seals are no problem but the synchros and other specific parts.