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    What's the funniest mod you've seen in a while???

    This one is FS on SF market place. I gotta admit I kinda really like this one. Needs some red line tires to be a full size hot wheel. It’s a 67 thunderbird

    WANTED 1972 Newport Royal Rear Bumper

    I would ballpark shipping at $185-$200 from California-Florida

    WHAT ? Another 61 Fury restroation......

    I like the alternator. A detail often overlooked on 61s

    WANTED 1972 Newport Royal Rear Bumper

    The bumpers I have are all NOS arrow straight. I would call them A grade (driver)quality. After 50 years they do have some shelf wear. They have minor rust on backsides. If your looking for 100 point perfection then they would need to be plated. If you’re looking for a good driver then these...

    WANTED 1972 Newport Royal Rear Bumper

    I have 5 of them NOS But I think are all 73s? Some with bumper guard holes and some without

    Sonoramic Commando Power

    Can anybody tell me where I can get the correct gold and red paint for 60/61 sonoramic engines

    2X4 Intake Carb Question

    I would agree with all above about a well tuned 4V will keep time with a vintage 2x4 set up. Finding the intake is the easy part. It’s all the (always) missing special parts that are hardest to find. That being said. I like the WOW factor looks of a factory 2x4 set-up. Especially a Chrysler...

    Fender tab question

    Cleared a spot. I cannot get hood open on NY right now. It’s stuck in the mud in my backyard. A side note to anybody trying to get ahold of me. Here in California we have had record breaking rainfall and even historic snowfall???? I’ve had trees and fences falling over.. Everything is a mess...

    Fender tab question

    Sorry bout that. With all this non stop rain we have getting I have catch up on all unfinished deals I got going. I have a 70 NY I’m parting? What do you need? I will try to make some room in PM box
  10. SGT FURY

    440 street sign

    A 440 liquor store sign in Santa Rosa Ca.
  11. SGT FURY

    WANTED 1960 Plymouth hunt

    Big M auto wreckers 530 473 2225 Williams Ca. Leave message He will call you back
  12. SGT FURY

    Rescued Just in Time!

    Out of curiosity. We’re there ever any L or U code imperials made?
  13. SGT FURY

    Rescued Just in Time!

    I remember a 70 NY U code posted on drydock. It was listed on PA. CL. No pics though! Forums / Mopar Related / 70 U code NY on craigs list - C-Body DryDock
  14. SGT FURY

    Rescued Just in Time!

    Good score! I still have this 70 NY available for parts if you need anything?
  15. SGT FURY

    Joy Ride movie

  16. SGT FURY

    Joy Ride movie

    I was cleaning out garage and found my Joy Ride movie promo T shirt. My wife always hated this shirt. I suspect that she had something to do with its disappearance. Joy Ride is kinda of a Duel remake with a Trucker VS teenagers in a 71 Newport.
  17. SGT FURY

    ’63 Chrysler front vs rear bumper

    Are 63/64 Dodge 880 bumpers the same as Chrysler bumpers?
  18. SGT FURY

    Home movie clip - Our Plymouth Wagon

    Thanks for sharing