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    Does this Lift make my stroker look fat?

    I know this is the wrong forum, but since i only post in here, I think it is appropriate. Drove to texas on tuesday from WA state to pick up my new MADE IN AMERICA car lift. Hornswoggled a couple of buddies to tag-team drive the ~4000 miles there and back with me. As you may or may not know...
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    Off topic long-shot question

    Anyone one here been to south africa and/or namibia recently? I leave in a few weeks and the violence down there has me spooked. Lots of $$ tied up in the trip and the outfitter says it dosent warrant delaying for a year
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    HEI style distributor cap

    Does anyone make a high quality cap for out distributors that has GM HEI style terminals?
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    Elective surgery on 505 C.I. stroker

    Morel roller lifters out, Johnson lifters going in. I have had a few occasions where the Morels have failed to maintain pump-up, and suffered an outright failure in a big block chevy build using morel lifters. I decided to preemptively swap them out. After drawing a few pentagrams and...
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    489 open headers video

    Not specifically mopar related, but its cold outside and the posts on here are a little slow lately. My new project build. Just fired up my black truck motor.
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    489 stroker AFR heads ready for first fire.

    My chevy twin to my 505/512. My mopar build was a blast so i decided to build a big block chevy for one of my trucks!
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    Tricks for tailshaft re-installation on a 727?

    I installed a A&A 6200 RPM governor in my 727 in the car and am having a bear of a time getting the parking rod back in correctly. Anyone have a trick for lining it up as you slide the tailshaft back on?
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    1966 newyorker [email protected] in-car video

    Driven to the track ~70 miles 3.23 gears with detroit locker 4767 lbs The popping and banging you hear is the ricer in the right lane.
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    Quickfuel carb tuning

    Any quickfuel carb Jetting guru's on here? I finally got around to installing an 02 sensor in my 505/512 stroker and got some readings at various loads. I am not a jetting expert and could use a second pair or 2 of eyes on my numbers and jetting choices.
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    Plans for 11 second quarter mile this year. In car video link.

    This year I have made a few changes to hopefully get into the 11's First off i purchased and installed an innovative motorsports 02 sensor so i can actually tune the quickfuel SS830 carb I run. This carb has never been jetted or adjusted other than idle mixture and idle speed. It is exactly...
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    11 second quarter mile

    I swear, I will run 11.99 this spring"
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    150 shot nitrous

    Anyone running nitrous on their stroker? I think i am going to add a 150 shot to my 505/512 stroker. Can you run the nitrous outlet stinger wet plate on an unmodified performer RPM manifold? I am very hood clearance limited.
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    Took the 1966 Newyorker 4dr to the dragstrip today

    After my comp cams hydraulic lifter failure on the way to a car show last summer, I replaced my cam and lifters with a straub technologies custom grind cam and morrel lifters. (comp blew me off, so no more comp cams for me) went back to the track today and ran [email protected] 60' 1.71 I still...
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    Straub technologies custom cam

    Anyone running a custom straub technologies cam?
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    Comp cams hydraulic roller lifter failure

    Comp cams hydraulic roller tie bar let go while cruising down the highway at 55 mph. I let off the gas and heard a little ticking. The tie bar pins failed letting the lifters rotate in the bores. As you can guess it ruined the cam and put metal everywhere. I called comp and they told me...
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    Car slower with CNC ported heads?

    Sent my heads in to have them CNC'd. They look beautiful. Flow numbers were a big improvement over unported. While the motor was out, I installed new bearings, Installed a windage tray, and had the motor line honed. Other than that, I made no changes. Yesterday I went to the track and went...
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    CNC stealth

    Sent my stealths to modern cylinder head for their CNC porting. Here at the flow numbers from their flow bench CFM Lift 75.0 .100 157 .200 222 .300 266 .400 299 .500 311 .550 319...
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    Dana 60

    What donor vehicle should i look for a dana 60 to swap into my newyorker?
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    In-tank fuel pump.

    Anyone have a source for an in-tank fuel pump/pickup for converting to FI? Specifically one that uses a 1/2 line and has provisions for s return line?
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    Oil pan, windage tray and sealant

    Posted this over on the drydock, not getting much action over there. I am pulling the stroker motor and sending the heads off for CNC porting, and will be swapping in a windage tray at that time. Anyone running the 440 source windage tray in their stroker? Any other recommendations? Also my...