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    275/50 15's

    3.23 ratio, the 275/50's are ~2" shorter. Its not just the tires, i installed an O2 sensor bung so i can jet the overly rich quickfuel carb, and lean it our a bit. I am hoping the shorter tire and properly jetted carb will pull off a 11.99
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    275/50 15's

    Got the new Mickey Thompson ET street R tires 275/50 15's mounted. They fit under the fender skirts. Should get me to 11.99. If you look close in the pic you can see the old M&H drag radial 275/60's under it.
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    66 newyorker master cylinder conversion

    My car was originally a power drum brake car. I converted to a dual circuit master cylinder with the drums all around for saftey. Later I installed a dual diaphragm booster and did the scarebird disc brake conversion for the front brakes. My question is the dual circuit master cylinder has...