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    Engine ground question

    There are 3 grounds. One comes off of the battery negative terminal and goes to the body near the battery, one bolts to the engine at the front of the block, near the end of the front of the driver's side head, above the power steering pump and below the valve cover, and then the rear ground at...
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    '67 Monaco master brake cylinder questions

    Hi. If you read the article listed elsewhere, regarding converting from single to dual reservoir master cylinders, you will find an entry done by me that outlines several of the fittings required for fitting size conversion. The original article is from another member. Do a search (upper right...
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    Carb Air Cleaner Rod - How to tighten?

    Here is another way to tighten. Put a thin cutting wheel in your Dremel grinder. Cut a very small slot in to the end of the rod, just big enough to get a thin blade screw driver in to it. Do not make it very deep so as to not weaken the end of the rod. Use your screw driver just enough to place...
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    Have a priest bless my car?

    Give it to your arch enemy or main drag competitor,...when he isn't looking or can't see you doesn't see you do it.
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    Factory 1963 300J 4-speed

    I have the 3 speed manual trans floor shift in my 61 Newport. This trans was used for a few years post the 60 French transmission. The shifter comes out of the side of the tunnel, and does not protrude through the console. In fact, it has a small metal perch built right on to the side of the...
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    Quits when it gets hot…

    I have had the exact same problem on a few vehicles when the coil gets a few years on it. Once hot,...quits. Cools for even a moment and away we go until it happens again. Replaced it, problem solved. Try it, you'll like it!
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    What are these disc brakes from?

    These may be from a conversion kit produced by the old Stainless Steel Brake Company a number of years ago. I had a set. They mimicked the Kelsey Hayes style and I was never satisfied with their performance. I also found that when they needed to be rebuilt, there was very little support for...
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    1969 Imperial progress thread

    Nice job,... What seam sealer did you use?
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    Radio Static

    There are several factors at play here. "Static" and a "whine that changes pitch" are two different problems with different causes. Static is usually caused by a poor signal, a bad ground, a damaged antenna or antenna lead, an improperly connected antenna plug, or an improperly matched antenna...
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    Engine ground question

    The wire is usually an 8, although a 10 will work just fine. The placement of the ground wire on the rear hidden back of the head bolt as described by a prior submission, and the self tapping bolt on the fire wall, requires two different sizes of terminal. It is easy to forget this and then have...
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    Clutch Rod Boot/Seal

    Hi there. I am looking for a clutch rod boot/seal 61 Newport 3 spd A745 manual trans. No part numbers are in my 61 parts book, but the 60 parts are listed as drawing 6-50-10 Boot #1731 232, 6-50-11 Seal, boot #1731 234, 6-50-12 Reinforcement, boot #1731 233. Any help would be appreciated...
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    Front sway bar pictures

    I just tried to find these on Jegs, luck. Anyone have a part, or item number? Application maybe? Any leads would be appreciated.
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    WANTED Firewall Stiffening Brackets

    Having said that,....I think I will examine this further as I like the idea!
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    WANTED Firewall Stiffening Brackets

    Interesting how my '61 Newport (3 speed A745 factory set up) is not so equipped. Thanks for the info.
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    WANTED Firewall Stiffening Brackets

    Are these only on the driver's side? Are there any on the passenger side? Photos if yes? Thanks.
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    Single stage vs base clear: Persian white

    Having been restoring old Mopars for 49 years, having been a parts jobber at one point, a paint rep, and having been trained by a paint manufacturer, and having spent many an hour in a body shop or paint booth, I have the following thoughts. BC/CC has a very specific look that is different from...
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    Hi. The grommet shown in your first photo with the "nipple" style is often times used in other years as an antenna cable grommet. The two holer shown is incredibly similar to the two holer used on my '52 Plymouth Cranbrook for passing wiring and cables through the firewall. Just passing it on as...
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    If you are looking to change steering wheels, be aware that in some years the shafts are of different diameters. I ran in to that on my '61 while trying to use a later "square" wheel. Good luck!
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    Standard Steering Gearbox

    Many thanks for the referral. Jim
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    Standard Steering Gearbox

    Hi there. I am looking for a rebuild kit or seals kit for a 1961 Chrysler Newport standard steering non-power gearbox. Any suggestions?