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    Help.. 1966 Sport Fury front brakes.

    Mass of rotor directly proportional to power of brakes Rotors convert kinetic energy to thermal. Heavier rotor more heat absorbed before fade. That’s why rotors match size of car. That’s fact. This above is unheard of
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    Bad power brake booster?

    Many videos on this 10,000 plus MOPAR boosters rebuilt since 71 Almost never the diaphragm……talk to any legit builder Not me. 90% of all booster failures control valve in rear hub…. Rebuilder lingo….poppit valve Dozens of videos on this. Still needs a send off…does not change
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    Help.. 1966 Sport Fury front brakes.

    Disc brake components are matched to weight of car 1. A body’s …dinky brakes 2. B and e …are bigger 3. C body and imperial biggest Sounds like common sense.this is fact. Going to speake out…. There are several distributors that sell MOPAR disc brake kits using the KH 4 piston caliper..aluminum...
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    '66 Plymouth Fury (III) Brake Advice (needed)

    People called me an idiot 14 years ago…from a video stating That drum brakes more efficient,than disc. No opinion just fact….disc need thousands of force… drums 50 to 100 psi 1. For one stop….panic stop….drum brakes will out perform Disc. Brake . But the cannot due it repeatedly. Cannot get...
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    Leed Brakes kit - brake booster

    This is one of the poorest boosters of all time….introduced about 12 years ago…the co that use to provide these had over 50% failure rate. 1. When a co does not even want booster back….u know it’s poor. Only facts and no opinion 2.7 different rods for factory tandem bendix…1962 to 1970…all...
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    Help identifying brake booster

    All are correct…..field install bendix 1 c boys left factory with midland……..on drum cars…they won contract buy low bidding bendix 2. Midland Ross opened and only got their booster patent in 1962……. Bendix since like 1919 3. Especially on big cars … some purchasers demanded power brakesMOPAR...
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    Dual diaphragm booster of woes.

    Do not believe me ….call ANY legit REBUILDER
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    I am stumped with the brakes on Tux

    This is called kick back …..the booster is not working …THE POPPIT VALVE ( control valve in rear hub) has failed. Dozens of videos on this ,and booster testing…TRM This is textbook, any rebuilder for a living knows this… Textbook case…..TRM Uncle Ron and self…….over 10,000 MOPAR boosters since 71
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    69 Newport brake swap

    This man knows his stuff……the single bendix or midland drum booster have only 60% power of a tandem bendix 1. Dozens of videos on this last 12 years. 2. Some client have not been able to afford disc brake kit and new correct power unit( 2nd gen)c body and imperial 3. We have them bolt on the...
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    Imperial Rotors

    The The early rotors on c body and imperial are same, physically. 1.c body thru 72 use a2 and a6 bearings. 2. Imperial late 69 thru 72 use a3 and a5…same as d200 truck 3. We remove small bearings and machine for imperials 4. We have done this for over 10 years. About 50 sets 5. Videos on...
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    '67 Fury III front brake question

    This man knows his stuff…is correct 69thru early 72 used same bearings as all other mopars A2 outer and A 6 inner"……the imperial is A3 outer and a5 inner…..same as d200 The calipers will need complete rebuild …none at parts house. We rebuild all time….I have videos on subject I know of no other...
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    Rear axle

    This man is correct…been a long time since I seen that hillbilly…..and unsafe"……..long time…
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    Master Cylinder ID

    This guy is correct….it is a copy of the 2226821 left port bendix used 67 thru 70 b bodies on 440 cars….often confused with the “hemi” 2225621 right ports used with 426 No one knows why 2. Different configuration were done.I never dreamed the 6821 would be more than 5621. The 6821 are more rare...
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    Disc brakes?

    Currently their are only 4 sources of c body disc brake kit that are ready to go I’m aware of 1. The Ram ft worth 2. Pirate jack , witch is the retail side of MBM the wholesale side…in Asheville n.c 3. Leed brakes , new outfit I’m not familiar with 4. Outfit called aaj.. or something in...