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  1. Boyd

    Transmission oil coolers

    I saw in another post, that some people are adding a Ford Transmission Oil cooler to their rides. My car seems to over heat, and I am thinking if I run the T Oil through a cooler first, it may help cool the water temp in the engine. What coolers have you installed and are you happy? If it is...
  2. Boyd

    Transmission Oil

    What is the best transmission oil to use? How about additives? I am running the Torque Flight on a 440.
  3. Boyd

    Engine ID

    I know this is not the first time this has been ask, but I have been told that I have a 1969 440 block in my 65 Chrysler New Yorker. That said, I would like to know where that engine came from. The number is 7T440E. The number on the water pump housing is 3698468. We are having a time...
  4. Boyd

    I am stumpted with a tight engine vibration at 1,000 RPMs!

    I have been working on a 1965 New Yorker for several years now. You guys have help me on my brake conversion and I hope you can help me out with this one. The engine is a 440. Clearly, it is not the original engine. It was in the car when I bought it. The casting number on the engine is...