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  1. Barry S

    Harmonic damper / crank pulley wobbling?

    I presume you're referring to the bolt holding the harmonic balancer. To do that on my car that I made this holder out of a scrap piece of wood using the pulley as a template. I put 3 or 4 of the pulley bolts through it into the harmonic balancer, it wedged against the frame as I was...
  2. Barry S

    '68 Fury PS return control valve leaking

    FWIW, I had a leak at exactly the same place on my 67 Newport, and it was leaking pretty good. I bought a Power Steering Control Valve Seal Kit from Rock Auto to get the necessary o rings (I bought the most expensive one they had, and it was like 4 bucks). This kit has all of the o rings...
  3. Barry S

    Stromberg WWC Carburetor question

    To all who replied, THANK YOU for your expert advice! This is the most awesome forum of experts! We're making a last minute trip to Raleigh so I won't be able to try the suggestions here for a couple of weeks. When I do I'll report back with updates on what I found. Again, THANK YOU!
  4. Barry S

    Stromberg WWC Carburetor question

    Hello folks, I have a question that I hope this group can help with. My 67 Newport 383 has a Stromberg WWC 2 barrel carburetor. I rebuilt it last year and the car runs great. My issue is that after a day or so I have to pour some gas into the carburetor to get it to start. Once I do that it...
  5. Barry S

    Van’s Auto gas tank

    I bought one for my 67 Newport earlier this year, it fit perfectly. I'd recommend them. One tip, if you buy the tank from them on ebay the price is the same as on their website, but the shipping is free.
  6. Barry S

    New accelerator pump too tight?

    FWIW I also have a 67 Newport Custom 383 with Stromberg 2 barrel carb. I rebuilt it with a kit from Mike's and it went together fine. It's a real puzzle that yours gave you trouble.
  7. Barry S

    Stromberg 3-276 choke pull off (2448971?)

    I'm in the process of rebuilding the Stromberg Carburetor on my 67 Newport, here's the FSM instructions for testing the choke pulldown:
  8. Barry S

    383 2 bl breather horn

    Here's how the air cleaner is positioned on my non AC 67 Newport. As Cbarge noted, 'FRONT' is stamped on the air cleaner, at least on mine, to show how it should be aligned.
  9. Barry S

    Spark plug wires not long enough - 68 Newport 383

    Thanks all for the guidance and perspectives. I'm also having issues with hesitation on launch from a stop. I'll be checking the accelerator pump in the spring when the Newport comes out of storage, and will probably put a kit in the carb. I'll also be doing a general tune up and looking at...
  10. Barry S

    1968 300, any way to have engine temp lights AND a gauge?

    Great post, thanks for the info, and especially the pics! I had some overheating issues over the summer - the hot light came on when I pulled off the interstate to get gas when I was returning from the Mopar Nationals in Columbus. The light went off when I revved up the engine so it seemed...