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  1. 77NyKR

    Engine performance upgrade

    Note this picture is a few years old, all suspension has been replaced with a new set of rubbers. Now it’s time for the engine to get some love
  2. 77NyKR

    Engine performance upgrade

    Negative. Do believe it has the highway gears. I do a lot of long distance trips, would the 3.23 hurt me on the highway?
  3. 77NyKR

    Engine performance upgrade

    Hi all, I love my 77 NYB I take it everywhere all over New England. Has about 80,000 miles. I have dual 2.5 inch exhaust on it. Looking for more of a punch from the 440. Obviously reliability is a must for me on long road trips but she just seems to fall flat on her face. Looking for some...
  4. 77NyKR

    Road trip!

    Negative I have a local Mopar shop that takes care of me. I added to much to the car before my trip to do alone
  5. 77NyKR

    Road trip!

    I echo what 75LandYacht said exactly. Laura is awesome. She talked me into the 6 leaf vs the standard 5. I also got new hardware (ubolts front eye bolt bushings etc) highly recommend. Total shipped was about $500-$600
  6. 77NyKR

    Road trip!

    In a few weeks Ill be taking this beauty from MA to IL for a 10 year Army reunion! Im stoked. She'll be sporting new Coker white walls, new rear leaf springs, four new shocks, recharged A/C, a new 2.50" dual exhaust I think she'll be ready to meet the boys!
  7. 77NyKR

    recommendations for front shocks, preferably HD

    If its not to late jump on I juast bought 4 shocks for my 77. Lots of options they explain the differences in shocks pretty well. They do have an HD option for you
  8. 77NyKR

    cup holder

    I spoke to this gentleman who made 2 of these with his grandfather but is unwilling to part ways with them. I think it looks great
  9. 77NyKR

    cup holder

    I know we're all bored sitting around, I thought of how pleasant it would be to have some sort of cup holder mechanism over the hump that looked somewhat original to the car. I did a little google searching and some searching of the threads here but couldn't really find what I'm looking for...
  10. 77NyKR

    Saturday window repair

    What do you do about the plastic film covering all once you expose the inner door? My rear 2 windows don’t work anymore. I suspect bad motors. Also ideas where to find them? TIA
  11. 77NyKR

    What I learned about 74-78 ATC II

    Thank you I do not have ATCII i have the fan speed switch
  12. 77NyKR

    side rear windows question

    Must have been discussed but can't find info. 77 New Yorker Brougham rear windows have never gone down since i owned the car. Recently took apart drivers door window switch panel, cleaned all connections and reinstalled... Hey now all 4 doors lock through the power switch! Now i can hear the...
  13. 77NyKR

    Formal rear bumper reflectors... Brand New.

    my 77 has been missing left rear lense since i bought car. I would be interested in a pair. any updates on this happening?
  14. 77NyKR

    What I learned about 74-78 ATC II

    awesome thread with lots of info. This may be a dumb question but how do i know if i have ATCII i have 77 new yorker with AC that the ac has never worked since i bought it back in 2014. Finally have some time to start messing with it. Did all these high optioned cars come with this system back...
  15. 77NyKR

    Wiper question...its finally happened after 20+yrs

    Do you have the part number? My 77 New Yorker stopped working a long while back I know it's the bushings
  16. 77NyKR

    Welcome 77NyKR to FCBO!

    77 New Yorker Brougham 440 72 Charger Rallye 440 Location: Massachusetts