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  1. Verse

    For Sale All original 1966 Chrysler 300 - $15,900

    Ah the good old days when you could pick and choose what options you want. Interesting that some of the option groups were not selected, but the radio and clock individually. Therefore no map light, fender top turn signals, or trunk light; likely no glove box light either. Options I see are...
  2. Verse

    SOLD Not Mine 1965 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan - $7,000 - Valparaiso, Ind.

    Early production... clear tail lights. Will have isolated torsion bars also. Seems quite common for sedans to have all power options.
  3. Verse

    For Sale 70 CHRYSLER 300 HURST

    Just for the record, Crosstown is in Edmonton Alberta.
  4. Verse

    For Sale 1965 dodge CHP car

    This disc brake cars would have 15" wheels also, with specific 15" wheel covers. I have never seen the '65 version. Anyone have a picture? I don't see power steering on this car. It does have the heater (option), and no radio.
  5. Verse

    For Sale Not mine-66 Polara $2700

    Yea; that was my point. In Canada the 318 poly was used in 1967 yet.
  6. Verse

    For Sale Not mine-66 Polara $2700

    Rare 318 poly?
  7. Verse

    For Sale 1965 Chrysler New Yorker Wagon $25K **Not Mine**

    This one is New Yorker based. Look at the door pulls inside
  8. Verse

    For Sale 1966 CHRYSLER NEWPORT not mine

    Upgraded interior. Don't see many that don't just have the L7X type interior. Seat material and even the door panels are different. In those days there was an array of interiors to choose from.