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    1968 Chrysler 300 transmission oil leak

    I used to have problems with pan gaskets. They went away after I started using an inch pound torque wrench. It's a bit of a PITA as you have to go around several times to get them all tight at the same time. Still takes less time than doing it over, just make sure the pan is sufficiently flat...
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    1998 318 questions

    It is VERY different. Intakes don't swap, there is a carb manifold that will fit the magnum engine. The oil pan is one of the few things that's interchangeable if needed. 1998 I_think_still has the older mounts, I know they were there in 1997. Trans bolts up just like before. 318 magnum...
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    Vacuum style Automatic Speed Control systems question
  4. 69 300 vert

    HEI style distributor cap

    Summit, firecore and Mancini all have them. Distributor Cap and Rotor Kits CHRYSLER - Male/HEI Cap Style - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing
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    HELP; can't get driveshaft in

    Rebuilt huh? Look at the rear trans seal, does it have the OEM extended boot? Or is it flush with the rear of the trans like nearly all the aftermarket seals? If it is flush, are you trying to push the yoke in to the wear mark on the yoke from the OEM extended boot?
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    Holley Carburetor on OE Plymouth linkage

    The only adapter I'm aware of for Holley is pn 20-7 which is what it looks like you have. Your throttle linkage should be screwed into that offset leg of the adapter and then attached to the carb. Best pic I could find, found another
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    Edelbrock CH4B, Weiand Action+, Edelbrock Performer ... for RB Big Block - input sought

    On #8 runner? That's the vacuum port for the power brakes and other accessories. Dunno why they moved it from #7. Makes a longer hose routing, and over the EGR if you've got it.
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    ID these Power Steering Pumps

    The '67 pump is going to be one with the solid pulley and that goofy hinged bracket. I'm going to guess the middle one, the other seems to have the '68 bracket. The larger open pulley pump looks like '69 to me.
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    1969-70 440 carburetor needed

    My cars original owner was a Chrysler master mechanic at R.O. Gould in Long Beach. He replaced the 4160 with a 1969 correct AVS 4640SA. I've got a lot of his old stuff, certifications, a few tools, some literature including an advertisement from Carter on the benefits of replacing your OEM...
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    New oil pans

    I don't know where I got the idea it had idler arm relief, but you're right, the pic doesn't show it. You won't be making any right turns without the relief in a '65 to '73 C body. I guess I got hung up on the front profile where it clears the crossmember. B body pans won't clear that.
  11. 69 300 vert

    New oil pans

    With the scarcity of 187 and 699 oil pans as well as the BB A body guys buying them up I've been looking for an alternative to overpriced beat up used ones. I've found 440 source has a nice deep sump baffled pan for ~ $250, but I'm not really looking to lose any ground clearance these days. On...
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    Need Recommendations: 4 Barrel Air Cleaner

    I've been researching AVS 2 carburetor air horn size. I haven't found definitive information but it appears it's the standard 5.1/8" opening? I've got the instructions downloaded from Edelbrock, no mention of a new air cleaner requirement. Jegs sells a kit for AVS 2 installation, as near as...
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    intake and 4 barrel carb options for 70 newport?

    Oh but there is. There's not enough room from engine to firewall on a slabside to use the fusie linkage.
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    Unknown Vacuum canister - 1968 Polara 500

    ATC, best of luck to you. Both my convertibles have it.
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    Airtex fuel pump optional for 1969?

    My suspicion is that pump came with the hi perf version of the 440? Is yours a 440 TNT? That pump resembles the street hemi pump, yours looks to have 6 attachment screws, the hemi had 8, IIRC. I'm not sure it's been a LONG time since I've seen these. Anyway, I think the TNT should have been...
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    440 Motor mounts on 67 Plymouth Sport fury

    Absolutely not different. '65 ~ '68 are tight clearance by design, but not that tight. I could not see anything amiss with your mounts.
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    440 Motor mounts on 67 Plymouth Sport fury

    It's not crooked, you're seeing cylinder offset. If you notice it's also offset an inch or so to the passenger side.
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    Yes, it can be drilled, no bung required. We did it on my '69 GP. Magnetize the drill and tap before starting. We didn't have a vacuum cleaner at the shop, if I was doing it at home I'd have one in operation for the duration out of an abundance of caution. 2¢
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    67 Fury 440 Engine Problems

    You HAVE checked the fuel pickup and related hoses for deterioration and or drawing air?