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  1. 69PHOENIX

    Sanding scratches - painting novice

    G'Day, Painting over Old Paint can be a Little Hazardous. A Nice Thick Coat of Etch Primer might Help. Regards Tony.M
  2. 69PHOENIX

    Painted top

    A Little Advice. Spent a Lot of Years working with Solvents Such as Acetone, Toluene, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Etc. Avoid the Fumes and Try Not to get Too Much on Your Skin. Some Modern Adhesives use Cynanide in the Formulae. But even without That they can do quite a Bit of Damage, Proper Gloves are...
  3. 69PHOENIX

    Does this look normal for a 66 Fury?

    G'Day, Just a Gentle Tip. When Ever You are Looking to Buy a Car It Is ALWAYS a Good Idea amongst other Things to Apply the Sock Test. (A Nice Soft Woolen Sock with a Reasonably Strong Magnet Inside.) If It Doesn't want to Stick to the Panel as You Drag it over, You Know there Might be Something...
  4. 69PHOENIX

    Do fuselage CBodies use a windshield seal?

    Good Choice! You Fellas Don't know how Lucky you are. I Doubt we would get a Screen Fitted over Here for Less than a A$1,000. The Moment you Say "Classic" You have to Start Digging Up All the Tins in the Back Yard. LOL All the Best. Tony.M
  5. 69PHOENIX

    Do fuselage CBodies use a windshield seal?

    G'Day, Having Worked for an Automotive Windshield Firm, I have only one Piece of Advice. Pay Someone Else to do the Job. It's All Very Easy to Think You can do the Job, But I have seen so many People Break Screens when trying to Fit Them. A Laminated Screen in the Car is Very Strong, Out of the...
  6. 69PHOENIX

    Soldering panels together

    O.K. The Technique is known as Lead Loading / Wiping and after spending two years at Night Classes trying to learn Panel Beating Many Years Ago, I can only say it ain't easy. And if it isn't done Right it will Fall Out! Now if You're a Champion Solderer Good Luck to you. But with Flexible Stuff...
  7. 69PHOENIX

    Opinion Needed - Halo Light Kits

    CBODY67, I tend to Agree with You. Some of the Newer H/Lights can be Blinding & the Number of Wood ducks who won't Dim their Hi-Beams is Incredible. As far as the "New" Designs of H/Lights I'm a Little Cynical from the Point of view that in the Days of "Old" when most vehicles had either 5 3/4...