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  1. 69PHOENIX


    Well Done Lad! Every Little Bit of Info Helps Some One Else Along the Way. Thanks for Taking the Time to List This. As My Old DA used to Say... Your Bloods Worth Bottling, Even if It's Only for Rat Poison! LOL Regards Tony.M
  2. 69PHOENIX

    Fender Bolts - 1965 Sport Fury.

    G'Day All, Long & Boring Rant to Follow, Be Warned! Many Years Ago When I Worked in the Wrecking Industry, We Had a Major Pain Trying to Train our Young Car Dismantlers to Keep all the Bolts When They Pulled Certain Items Apart. We Specialised in Fords and Often Found That Complete Power...
  3. 69PHOENIX

    66 Fury III rear end upgrade advice?

    O.K. (Another Long & Boring Rant) A Couple of Comments, A Professional Friend of Mine Who used to Build Speedway (Dirt Track) Engines had a Favourite Saying. "More Engines Have Died on a Dyno Than on a Race Track." Not necessarily True, BUT I Have been the "Driver" on a Couple of Occasions When...
  4. 69PHOENIX

    Mud in Stub Frame

    G'Day, Chassis Work can be somewhat Temperamental. I'd Suggest Speaking to Someone with Experience before Applying Any Sort of Heat to a Chassis. Regards, Tony.M
  5. 69PHOENIX

    Graveyard or ER

    Back Again Fellas, (Long and Boring Rant Follows and I mean No Criticism of Anyone.) Read Most of the Comments and Would Like to make a Couple of My Own. 30-40 Years Ago I was Known Locally as the Dodge Man. People used to Drive Cars to My Door & Give Them to Me. Complete Driving 383 4Dr H'Tops...
  6. 69PHOENIX

    What is your favorite online store for screws, nuts,...?

    A Little Far Away But, We used to have a Local Supplier Here in OZ that went by the Name: "The Nut House" LOL Tony.M
  7. 69PHOENIX

    Dealer Installed "Vinyl" Top

    Alright All You Old Geriatrics! Who Remembers when you could Buy Wrinkle Finish Paint in a Spray Can. Know a Few Fellas who used this to do their own Vinyl Roofs. Being the Under Privileged Lot we were here in the Mystical Land of OZ back in the Early 60s I can remember a Fella that used about...
  8. 69PHOENIX


    G'day, Can't actually Picture (in my mind?) What You're Preposing. How ever I imagine Somebody must Reproduce a Nolathane Replacement for the Rag Joint. Tony.M