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  1. 67-Fury

    SOLD 67-68 C body Dash pad

    Not 100% what years these all interchanged with or models. Dash pad is in fairly nice shape. No visible cracks or repairs. It was spray painted at one time. Originally a green pad. With some elbow grease and paint thinner. The blue can come off. The corner is a little smooshed. Not sure how that...
  2. 67-Fury

    For Sale Various Mopar Arm Rest

    12$ a piece all in really nice condition the brown one has a little indent in it but im sure it can be straighten out its still pretty nice
  3. 67-Fury

    For Sale 65 Fury column collar

    Nice shape no cracks 10$ plus shipping
  4. 67-Fury

    For Sale 65-66 Fury Metal Horn Buttons

    Very nice chrome beside a few very tiny pits on top where it was exposed to the weather 25 a piece selling them separately
  5. 67-Fury

    65 65 fury package trey

    does anyone need a package trey for a 65-6 fury nice shape has a few lil cracks but were fixed with jb weld its black just ask if you want pics