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  1. Mr onetwo

    Saving a '65 Monaco that has slept for over 40 Years

    I hope he does something with this car!
  2. Mr onetwo


    Anybody have any info on this oddity?
  3. Mr onetwo

    40K or 140K ?

    Hey guys, I need some opinions.Does this car have 40,000 or 140,000 miles judging by the speedometer? It is a 1967 Newport.Thanks
  4. Mr onetwo

    66 Polara 500 VIN location?

    Hey guys, the FSM says that the VIN for this car is located on the driver side door post up by the hinges.The owner says there is nothing there. Could it be anywhere else on the car? Stamped in stub frame or firewall or anywhere else on body? I Can't buy a vehicle without a VIN and do anything...
  5. Mr onetwo

    Strapping a 66 Polara to a Trailer?

    Good morning all, It looks like I am going to Massachusetts to pick up a 66 Polara 500 2dr hardtop next Friday.I very much would like to get some advice on strapping it down to a flatbed trailer safely without damaging the front end specifically.The rear of the car is simple...around the axle...
  6. Mr onetwo

    1966 Chrysler value

    Hey guys, what do you think a fair price would be for this car.383 all original.Was purchased for engine and transmission...not car itself.No other photos or info yet.Will be having conversation with owner tonight if lucky.Not officially for sale yet.I presume that it has rust in all the usual...
  7. Mr onetwo

    '67 or '68 Newport....Which do you Prefer?

    Which years styling do you guys like better? I kind of like the '67 tail better and I'm split on the nose of the 2 years.'67 nose has sort of old-school presidential limo vibe to it....'68 much cleaner and more modern.
  8. Mr onetwo

    Finally...I can get started

    Now I feel that I can be a full fledged member of this forum instead of a question asker. I finally got my MaxJax lift installed after a long delay due to a gov. mandated safety recall. The issue was with some missed welds on the Chinese made carriages. All defective parts are replaced and the...
  9. Mr onetwo

    Rim swap question

    Hey there guys...I have a 1993 Dodge D150 2wd pickup that I want to convert from 15" to 16" rims before I buy new tires. The truck part is easy. My question is what would be involved in converting my 1968 Newport over to the 5 on 5.5 x 7" wide rims that are on the truck. I plan on going to...
  10. Mr onetwo

    1968 Newport Frame Width?

    I have made up my mind and I am going to purchase a MaxJax lift for my shop.My vert is in storage or I would measure myself....can anyone give me the width of the frame at the C/L of the car?I need this so I can figure out where to set the post anchors for this lift.Also, is there any info on...
  11. Mr onetwo

    New Spring Project!

    Hello to everyone.I am a new member here and the proud new owner of a 1968 Newport convertible! The speedo shows 84,436 miles and I believe that to be accurate.The 383 starts right up and runs well.No major rust issues except over the rear wheels.....not bad for $1600 IMHO!Car was run every...