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  1. 69PHOENIX

    440 source aluminum water pump housing.

    Me Again, Two Cents Worth & You Might be Entitled to a Refund! About 12 Months ago I Purchased an Aluminium W/P Housing. (And Yes Dagnab It, That is the Right Way to Spell It. LOL) They were Super Cheap, Over here Normally about A$180 got one for A$36. A Friend Pointed Out that There had Been a...
  2. 69PHOENIX

    Core/Freeze/Welsh plugs for 361 BB

    G'Day, Seeing You have the Motor out of the vehicle I'll make a Suggestion. In Ancient Times when we were Young & Stupid we had a Constant problem of the Old Lens Type Welsh Plugs being Spat Out the Side of the Block when we were Drag Racing. OR.... You'd be cruising down the Road & decide to...
  3. 69PHOENIX

    Anyone need these AC parts, from a 1970 chrysler

    G'Day, The Receiver / Dryer Unit is normally a throw away Item, not much point in shipping that. It is used to remove any moisture from the System. Once opened to Atmosphere they are Cactus. I don't need them, But Thank You for being Generous. So Many are only interested in Old Mopars for the...
  4. 69PHOENIX

    Looking for the name of a part, and for the part itself! (74 Fury)

    G'Day, I Thought All you French Fellas Had Plenty of Cute Little French Sorts to Keep you Warm. LOL Although I must Admit it does get a Little Chilly with those French Alps Winds Blowing up your Kilt. Honestly not Familiar with your Problem so I can't Help. Please Forgive My Cheek. (Last Fella...
  5. 69PHOENIX

    Removing heater box from 68 Sport Fury

    G'Day, I Never Cease to be Amazed How OFTEN or LONG you can Battle with some Obstreperous Mongrel of a Bolt / Nut / Clip. And the Moment you ask for Help / Advice It falls out in your Hand. LOL Tony.M P.S. I Think My Old DA was Right, When he used to say "Ya Gotta Hold Your Tongue Right".
  6. 69PHOENIX

    ALUMINIUM RADIATOR (Plus a Long Boring Rant)

    Hi Fellas, And Yes that is the Correct way to Spell it.LOL In the Process of Doing Up a 69 Phoenix / Plymouth Fury Sedan. Its a bit of a Wreck & will mostly stay that way.(I have seen too many blokes who have spent a $Million building a Magnificent car who are then too afraid to drive it, who...