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  1. 69PHOENIX

    Educate Me . . .

    Forgive Me But..... It Sounds like the Vehicle is Overdue for Maintenance or Not Being Driven Often Enough. I have seen Vehicles that gave trouble just about every time they were taken out, much to their Owners chagrin. But just like you & me if we sit in front of the T.V. for Long Enough...
  2. 69PHOENIX

    Educate Me . . .

    Jim Niki, Being a "60" Model I would guess that we are not talking about a Power Steer Box so much as a Ram Assisted Manual Box. (Much Like a ZD Fairlane) Up until 1965 we Really Didn't have Power Steering Boxes as Such here in the Land of OZ. Power Assisted Rams were available until 61 But then...
  3. 69PHOENIX


    G'Day Once More. This is My Third Attempt to Post this Thread. Last Two Times it has Sunk without Trace. Not Sure if I am Doing Something Wrong! Wanting to Know if Anyone Makes Replacement BB 727 Trans Inspection Plates. I more than Likely have one amongst all the Hoardings of the Last Forty odd...
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    G'Day, Not Sure if I did Something Wrong But a Question I Posted Earlier Tonight has Disappeared. I Noticed Someone Else having a Similar Problem a Couple of Days ago. So I'll Repeat my Request.Trying to Find out if Anyone makes a Replacement Inspection Plate for a BB 727 T/Flite. I'm sure I've...
  5. 69PHOENIX

    AMC Gremlin

    G'Day, I am Always Amused by People who wish to fit a V8 to a Roller Skate. Although I must admit to Shoehorning a Ford 289 into a Simca Aronde many years ago. Terrific little Car with the Most Ridiculous 4Spd G/Box. Fourth supposedly an O/Drive Ratio but if you hit a head wind or a slight...
  6. 69PHOENIX

    Old man?

    Ahhh Yes! From the Days when Actors were Actors, Not Just Pretty Boys. Tony.M And BTW mrs?49 There are Two Things you Never Belittle about a Man. One of Which is His Hat. LOL Tony.M
  7. 69PHOENIX

    Cheesehead's can relate!!!

    THANK YOU! My Daily Driver is a Little Mazda 626 (1990) and I'm a Man of Large Proportions (5'10", 160 Kg) Anything Longer than an Hour behind the Wheel & I'm in Continual Pain from Arthritis & Lack of Room to Stretch. This Pandemic has Given me a Huge Urge to go for a Looong Drive in the...
  8. 69PHOENIX

    Some pictures of Mopars from wild cat auto wrecker

    Hey!, What's that Pontiac doing in the Yard? Tony.M
  9. 69PHOENIX

    car show pics Mid Mopar Meet Germany

    G'Day, I'd also like to add my THANKS. And Also to add my Congrats & Appreciation for some Really Good Clear Shots. Not wanting to offend Anyone But how often do you see Pics with the Back Half of the Car cut off Etc., Etc. Well Done! Tony.M
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    WARNING ! LONG AND BORING RANT FOLLOWS: I only caught the News Report very briefly last night, Heavy Handed ? YES, But Necessary ? YES. Far too many People are Not taking the Present Situation SERIOUSLY! I am Surrounded by People who don't seem to give a Damn. People shopping without Masks, Not...
  11. 69PHOENIX

    The Man in the High Castle (Amazon Series)

    G'Day Fellas! Just working my way through the "Crime Story" Series Again. Now there's something worth watching. Not the Greatest Scripts, BUT Nine Seasons of Cars. Oh Joy. Tony.M
  12. 69PHOENIX

    Educate Me . . .

    O.K. Wrecked out a 74 Monaco Import many years ago, one thing we noted was that the LHD Steering Box was jammed into the corner formed by the Left rail & the Engine X member. The Idler & the Pitman Arms going backwards. The Aussie 65 - 72 Plymouth / Phoenix had the P/S Box mounted to the R/H...