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    Managed to Find some Details. The Gentleman's Name on the Customs Declaration was Miguel Robinson. So I'll Post a Note on the Home Forum to Thank Him. Regards, Tony.M
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    Thanks Fellas! Yes, The Fender Marker Lights are what I'm Talking About. (Blinkers over Here) I'll do a Little Searching to See if I can Find some More Details. The fella I Think is Based in Mexico as I Almost had heart Failure when I Got a Bill for Bulk Pesos. LOL I have Seen Him Advertise a...
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    G'Day, G'Day, O.K. Although I Love this Site I'm not Familiar Enough with it's Workings So I'm going to Load My Message Here. A Few Months Ago, I'm Guessing about Four, I Purchased a Pair of Guard Repeaters on this Site, They have Finally Arrived. Firstly I would like to Thank the Gentleman...
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    WANTED 1965 Chrysler Newport 2 dr HT

    G'Day, Congrats, That is Exactly the Type of Project to take on. It's Not Hard to Picture the End Result. It will be an Extremely Nice Car When Finished. All the Best & Keep up the Piccies. Tony.M
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    SOLD Turbine Car Service Manual.

    G'Day, Trying to Register on the "" But can't seem to Get anywhere. Keeps telling me "it's not available on this server". Seems the Mystical Land of Oz is Just too Far Away. Pity, It Looks like an Interesting Site. Regards Tony.M
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    WANTED 1965 Chrysler Newport 2 dr HT

    G'Day, A Little Advice! The Best Way to Win Friends & Influence People Around Here is to Post Plenty of PICCIES! Nothing is Loved More Around Here than Lots of Piccies. We are All Addicted. Post a Couple of How you Found It. And We Love Nothing More Than to See a Work in Progress So Piccies...
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    How do you roll a fender lip to fit wider tires?

    O.K. I will have it Known that I have Absolutely NO Wish to Ever be Quoted on This. LOL But, When We were Young & Stupid (Now I'm Old & Stupid) What we did was to Place a Short Length of Pipe between the Tire & the Guard (Fender?) Stand back & have the Driver Drive Forward, But Definitely Stand...
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    Painted top

    A Little Advice. Spent a Lot of Years working with Solvents Such as Acetone, Toluene, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Etc. Avoid the Fumes and Try Not to get Too Much on Your Skin. Some Modern Adhesives use Cynanide in the Formulae. But even without That they can do quite a Bit of Damage, Proper Gloves are...
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    62 300 brake upgrade

    G'Day, Possibly Stickin' My Nose in Here BUT, I Would Just Like to Make a Comment. Many Years Ago I was Looking for a Disc Conversion for a 59 Custom Royal. I Found Many who had Converted using Holden (A Local Mid Size GM Product) Discs Etc so as to keep 14" Wheels. Also some Ford Falcon Set...
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    What is your favorite online store for screws, nuts,...?

    A Little Far Away But, We used to have a Local Supplier Here in OZ that went by the Name: "The Nut House" LOL Tony.M
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    Headlight adjustment question

    O.K., The Idea is to Light up the Road NOT the Oncoming Traffic. How many Times have you Flashed a Driver Only to Find What you Thought were his Hi-Beams were in Fact his Lows. After You Regain Your Sight & Find the Road Again......LOL Keep You Lights Angled to the Right (Almost Said Left) of...
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    Does this look normal for a 66 Fury?

    G'Day, Just a Gentle Tip. When Ever You are Looking to Buy a Car It Is ALWAYS a Good Idea amongst other Things to Apply the Sock Test. (A Nice Soft Woolen Sock with a Reasonably Strong Magnet Inside.) If It Doesn't want to Stick to the Panel as You Drag it over, You Know there Might be Something...
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    WANTED 65 Fury tail light lenses

    G'Day, If you have no Luck, One of the Fellas in My Club has been making Various Reproductions for our Aussie Dodge Phoenix's. As I Remember the Lenses are the Same except some are Clear in the States But Orange over Here. (Not an Expert though) Details of his Latest (62 Dodge) as Below, Might...
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    66 Sport Fury on TV

    G'Day, In the Mystical Land of OZ we are still getting Episodes of "My Favourite Martian". Mr Bixby Drives a Very Nice 65 Fury Convertible. Black & White Only, but Still the Same! Regards, Tony.M
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    15" Steelies/Hubcaps?

    G'Day, Many Years Ago a Friend of Mine Put a Set of 15" Wheels on his Dodge Custom Royal But Wanted to Keep his "Spinner" Hub Caps. What he did was to Machine the H/Cap Retaining Lip off a 14" Rim (Pick a Tight Fitting Set) and Star Weld it to the 15" Rim with a Mig Welder. A Little Work...
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    Reproduction '69 to early '72 disc brake splash shields

    Hi Fellas, I Like the Idea, But by the Time I Land a Set They would Owe me a Little Over A$470.00. Regards Tony.M
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    Where Part of the Problem Lies, Is in the Fact that, Just to be Difficult, Ford, GM & Chrysler All used Different Sized Seals in What was Basically Identical Equipment. Don't ever Knock Microsoft, We'd have had 50,000 Different Operating Systems if it weren't for Them. Regards, Tony.M
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    G'Day People, I'm Sneaking Over From the Fuselage Section. I No Longer have a 55-61 But have owned a Few in the Past. There's a Fella on Facebook over here looking for Help with his 61 Phoenix P/Steer. I'm going to Post a Couple of Photos hoping You Fellas Might be able to help. I'm Actually...
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    Sometimes your fins won't quite fit!

    CBODY67 If Your Organisational Skills are any thing Like Mine..........You'd Do Well to Find Anything.LOL My Computer is Filled with All Sorts of Goodies, I have about 10 GB of External HDs Filled with Old Movies / Scanned Cartoons / Scanned Mopar Mag Articles. The ONLY Way I Find Anything is to...
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    Sometimes your fins won't quite fit!