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  1. Newport Man

    Let's see your Newports

    Newports rule. Here's my 1969. I've had it since 1976. All original.
  2. Newport Man

    Aluminum Trim

    After further investigation (removing the battery and the reservoir for the washer fluid), I was able to find the bolts on the inner side of the fender and reattach the trim. Thanks.
  3. Newport Man

    Aluminum Trim

    Does anyone know how to reattach this trim? Not sure if I need to remove the clips first. They don't want to budge. I can't see the back side of the clips to tell how they are attached. Don't want to do damage. Thanks.
  4. Newport Man

    Welcome Newport Man to FCBO!

    Still own my first car, a 1969 Chrysler Newport Custom that I got in 1976. Location: Silver Spring, MD