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  1. Jeff Skibenes

    NOT MINE 1970 Plymouth S23 (blue, N-code in Weaverville NC)

    That is one cool car, no question. But in that condition I'd put it at no more than $5K
  2. Jeff Skibenes

    NOT MINE Wanna see some yard C's ??

    All these pictures make my insides hurt. Just sitting there rotting...
  3. Jeff Skibenes

    My 1966 Chrysler Town and Country

    Sweet looking car! What is your engine? Is that the 383?
  4. Jeff Skibenes

    Should I buy this 67 New Yorker?

    Jeez Louise! For $3,000 if you don't want it, I'll take it! It'd look great alongside my 66 Newport! BTW Norwegian/Swedish descent here hahahaha!
  5. Jeff Skibenes

    Looking for suggestions

    I assume that is a local shop to you? SMS is all I have, but at $85/yard its kinda steep
  6. Jeff Skibenes

    Looking for suggestions

    Thanks Omni. I ordered swatches from them, so I am hoping that I find what I am looking for.
  7. Jeff Skibenes

    Looking for suggestions

    Thank you Ironwolf!
  8. Jeff Skibenes

    Looking for suggestions

    I need to find some material for the rear seat repair in my 1966 Chrysler Newport. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look for the material?
  9. Jeff Skibenes

    Tire size question for my '66

    What car is in that picture? That is a very different tail light configuration than my 66 Newport
  10. Jeff Skibenes

    Tire size question for my '66

    These hub caps in 15 inch are made of this metal often known as "unobtainable"
  11. Jeff Skibenes

    Tire size question for my '66

    Not so much worried about biting the bullet as I am about keeping the original hub caps on the car. And I don't think they ever made them in a 15 inch
  12. Jeff Skibenes

    Tire size question for my '66

    Whats the likelihood that I can find 15 inch hub caps? Slim to none?
  13. Jeff Skibenes

    Tire size question for my '66

    So, my 1966 Chrysler Newport currently has P215/75R14 tires. Given the size of the car, they look thin and short. I'd like to go to P225/70R14. Does anyone know if I made such a change, is there a likelihood that the tires would rub? Also, in my search, I'd like to find that tire with a 3/8"...
  14. Jeff Skibenes

    67-68 Fury Picture thread

    Is this you and your girl? (tongue in cheek)
  15. Jeff Skibenes

    65 Windsor resurrection

    That was a neat album! Keep em coming!
  16. Jeff Skibenes

    1968 Fury- new here

    Sweet ride!! Welcome aboard! I'm new here too.
  17. Jeff Skibenes

    My timing mark is jumping around.

    Thank again for all the advice! It is very much appreciated and I will replace the timing chain this year.
  18. Jeff Skibenes

    Comment by 'Jeff Skibenes' in item '1966 Chrysler Newport'

    That side view photo tells me I am doing the right thing by replacing the leaf springs. There appears to be a solid 3+ inch lift there compared to where mine sits right now. That is a gorgeous car my friend!!
  19. Jeff Skibenes

    Not for sale just yet

    Mind if I ask why you would part with this? Just judgement