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    He previously had the car advertised at $70k.
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    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    That's incorrect. You would still order a four speed in a Chrysler until the middle of the 1967 model year.
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    NOT MINE 1963 300 cross ram 3 speed (not mine)

    Have you ever priced out a J drivetrain? The factory headers were J and Ram K only. Short rams the same. Carbs are unique. Block is unique. Just saying even though the seller is asking a lot, the drivetrain has some serious value.
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    NOT MINE 1963 300 cross ram 3 speed (not mine)

    Remember that car from an auction last year. Its a regular 300 with a J drivetrain. Which is worth more than you would think.
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    Dead Dodge Garage did a YouTube video on my 300G

    The L belongs to my Dad. Its a gorgeous car.
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    Big M auto wreckers annual pig roast BBQ Oct 1

    Man, you gotta feel for John. Not the 1st time he has issues, he had a fire years ago at his old place I believe when he was in Reno. Plus a big flood in Williams about ten years ago. John is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, willing to give you the shirt off his back.
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    New purchase 1968 NewYorker TNT

    Funny, I got some Forward Look glasses from the son of the original owner of that dealer.
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    Chrysler Performance West Spring Fling show 2023

    Tallzag and I will be in the Swap Meet
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    NOT MINE 1969 Dodge Polara Police car pmaybe original CHP car

    Looks like no notes on the bottom of the build sheet? A CHP car usually has "California Hwy Patrol" or something similar on the bottom of the sheet. There will also be a lot of "99" codes on the equipment list because of all the special order CHP specific parts.
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    1967 Plymouth Fury

    fk5bird posted on Facebook that he is parting it out unless he gets $4800 for it. So time for someone to step up!
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    1967 Plymouth Fury

    You would think a L Code Fury four door would be a police car but this isn't. U/1 on the fender tag means someone sat down and ordered it. 26" radiator without air means it was ordered with the towing package. So you start to get a story. Cool rig!
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    can anyone identify moldings # 3570804

    Vintage Chrysler Chrome Trim, Unsure of Model or Year, Believed to be 1960's, Possibly Full Set, At Least (11) Total Pieces, Writing on Tube States "Chrysler No. 3570804, Hayes 1906 Eight Pieces, Hayes Detroit Office"
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    Sonoramic Commando Power

    Same car sold at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale this year. Check out the intake clearance on the pass side inner fender...they cut the fender to make the Ram intake fit.
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    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    I know of one other 4 speed 64 Chrysler 300 non-letter car, I am sure there are more out there but its pretty rare. I haven't seen any production numbers. On your dealer question, it was probably a dealer trade. The 1st dealer probably couldn't sell it so they traded to another dealer...
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    Photos of Vintage Auto Dealerships, Repair Shops, and Gas Stations

    Same Neon as the one I have, very rare to see, only the 3rd I've seen mounted on a building
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    Midwest Mopars In The Park, June 2nd-4th 2023 Stillwater MN.

    I'll be there with Tallzag in the Swap Meet