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    For Sale 1973 NYB (GE7 red 4dr hardtop on eBay)

    Had to go to Painesville with a pickup anyway, dragging one of the trailers won't made much difference. The federal standard on trailer lighting FMVSS108 was changed after my big trailer was built, adding the requirement of clearance lights on trailers 80 inches or wider.

    For Sale 1973 NYB (GE7 red 4dr hardtop on eBay)

    I talk too much! I mentioned to my son that there was a decent looking NY'er for sale, in the same town that I have to go to get some parts. Well, now dad has to get the trailer ready, 'cause he bought it. I had all summer to add the fender clearance lights, that are now required on wider...

    For Sale 1973 Imperial FS Craigs WI.

    They got back to me after it was too late for me to run down. But, my son lives closer to them, and got there right at sunset. So he didn't try for any more pictures. The car has been sitting for about 8 years. It has some rust bubbles under the top, by the rear window. It appears to have been...

    For Sale 1973 Imperial FS Craigs WI.

    I have emailed them asking to see the car today, but have not received a reply.

    SOLD Not Mine - Chrysler Imp Lebaron '72 Coupe

    I'm still waiting for it to be shipped. I expect it here late next week. And very glad that Dorian stayed to the east side of Florida.

    For Sale 72 Imperial Black & White - not mine

    Yes! To the IH Scout Nationals in Troy Ohio, this weekend. And along the way I'm picking up the 1971 Chevrolet C-20 pick-up with box mounted Holmes 220 wrecker, that I bought last week. I have multiple addictions. Passport is bringing the Imperial.

    For Sale 72 Imperial Black & White - not mine

    They didn't get their $19,900.00. But, they got what I feel it's worth. It burns me a little that I have to shell out $1600.00 to bring an Indiana car back up from Florida to Wisconsin. As far as the money goes, I was two years away from retirement, buying this will make it three.

    For Sale 72 Imperial Black & White - not mine

    What are you seeing that needs 5k worth of fixing on this coupe?

    For Sale Not Mine. '72 Chrysler Imperial Lebaron

    My wife loves to go to Denmark. Wonder if I could talk her into driving it home?
  10. IOLA KID

    For Sale Imperial LeBaron 2dr on eBay (69)

    I lost all interest when I saw the rust through on the roof.
  11. IOLA KID

    For Sale 1973 Imperial 4dr

    So, Who knows what kind of hassle is involved in getting a car imported from Canada?
  12. IOLA KID

    For Sale 1972 Chrysler Imperial LaBaron

    I have tried to contact this seller twice, and have not received any response.
  13. IOLA KID

    For Sale 1972 Chrysler Imperial - $14000 (West side)

    I'm quite sure that I saw this car for sale on Craigslist about 2 years ago for about $5 or 6K. I remember checking on an Amtrak ticket to Cleveland. I can't remember why I didn't pull the trigger on it.
  14. IOLA KID

    For Sale White 1972 Imperial 2dr Coupe $14K FB Louisiana

    I want a coupe, but this one is a little too far away. I'm willing to spend this kind of money, but not without seeing it in person. And I can't run down there right now. Plus the seller seems to be a flake. This car looks a lot like a car that I dropped everything to blast down to Illinois to...
  15. IOLA KID

    For Sale Well looky here, 1972 Chrysler Imperial - $5500

    Seems odd that he could own it for 10 years without figuring out that it's a '73.
  16. IOLA KID

    For Sale 1972 Black Imperial Lebaron on Ebay new listing

    So, Did someone here buy the car that started this thread? The ebay listing was just a little too "scary" for me. Seller only had one previous sale and wanted payment by wire within 48 hours.