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    For Sale Naperville, Illinois 1971 Chrysler 300 2 Door Coupe 440 Factory Air All Original

    Seller forgot to mention the customized state-of-the-art parking brake return mechanism. Easily 9k car with that!
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    SOLD parting out 1970 1971 furys

    How are the trunk floors?
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    For Sale Indiana '69 Fury built to race, $7.5k

    That ridiculous air filter probably supports astonishing 200 horsepower...
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    For Sale 1972 2-Door Fury 440-V8 in Philadelphia

    Aww, and now one surfaces. I was on a hunt for good cond -72 two door fury with hideways and big block for roughly two years around 2010. I finally ended up buying -72 four door with small block and no hideways. No regrets though as it was the best car deal I have ever made and it is going to be...
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    For Sale Dan's '71 Sport Fury GT Promotional Car is For Sale on eBay at a good price

    Seller states that the the original engine is long gone. Apparently frozen and cracked at some point
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    SOLD Parting Out 1972 Fury Grand Sedan HARDTOP

    I am interested on the front valance if it does not have significant rust issues? The pic is bit too blurry to see the details
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    For Sale 1971 Chrysler 300 Coupe For Sale in UK

    It's not really that bad... Could be much worse with 28" wheels with gangsta spinners. I think that we have quite enough all original cbodies still left