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  1. Evan Jansen

    Welcome Oz Sport Fury to FCBO!

    Welcome from SoCal USA
  2. Evan Jansen

    Welcome 66SpCv to FCBO!

    Share your passion.... let me know if you are looking for something I may have.
  3. Evan Jansen

    Welcome Plyfury66 to FCBO!

    Welcome... this bunch of folks share that love and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share too.
  4. Evan Jansen

    Welcome Jan Hauke Jensen to FCBO!

    Welcome Jan. The guys on this site know their stuff. put a "wanted ad" in on that chat and you will most likely find what you are looking for.
  5. Evan Jansen

    Welcome Evan Jansen to FCBO!

    thanks... I was wondering about that....
  6. Evan Jansen

    Welcome Evan Jansen to FCBO!

    I cannot find where I put the boot retainer rail o r channel that runs along the top of the back seat. Do any of you have one you are parting out or know where I may be able to find a replacement? I know the best way to find it is to buy one, the day after the replacement arrives I will find it.
  7. Evan Jansen

    Welcome Evan Jansen to FCBO!

    I own a 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible Location: Tustin, CA