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    -72 Plymouth Y8 gold leaf mixing formula

    Hello, I have some problems finding a mixing formula for -72 Plymouth fury gold leaf color. I have found by googling chrysler code DT63559, PPG code 2307, Dupont code 5309 followed by different letters and sherwin williams code 3126. None of those gave a hit with paint shops modern and not so...
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    Clearcoat peeling..any suggestions??

    I had same in my 93 daily driven Audi. I just sprayed some rattle can clear basically without any masking on the problem areas once or twice per year and it worked just fine. It wasn't a show car for sure but easy ten footer.
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    Trunk floorpan cutting advices needed

    Just my opinion, forget the flanging, making a decent butt weld really isn't that hard and then you won't have any sandwiched metal waiting for corrosion to happen. Of course it is faster and somewhat easier to fix by doing the blue lined flanges with a tool made for that
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    72 Fury 4 door sedan rear glass, any sources?

    I found a 71 sedan fury parts car and got the rear glass from that one. Thanks for the info though. It will be useful when I break that one during installation :lol:
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    72 Fury 4 door sedan rear glass, any sources?

    I got couple of possible leads for used glass in Finland. Could someone chime in and verify if 69-73 c-body 4dr sedan Dodges and Chryslers have the same glass?
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    72 Fury 4 door sedan rear glass, any sources?

    Had one of those moments yesterday when I seriously think about changing my hobby to collecting stamps or something: Probably made some nick to the edge of the glass when removing the trim. It just exploded and I wasn't even touching it at that point. :BangHead: Does anyone have any sources...
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    Rust Dissolving liquids?

    At least in Finland you can buy citric acid in dry pulverized form from agricultural shops. The citric acid is used as a medicine for diarhea for pigs so I would assume that it would be available also in US. Mix it with water and you have dirt cheap rust remover which is completely safe and...