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  1. Seb'74

    Cam package from Comp cams

    Hi friends, Does anybody has any info about the Comp Cams package K21-212-4 High energy 206/206? Actually, I live in France, and some guy is selling this package, complete and new. I was wondering what can I expect in terms of power increase if I install it on my 1974 Fury, with 400 ci stock...
  2. Seb'74

    Gearbox identification tips

    Hi all, Maybe this has allready been asked, but, how can we identify a gearbox? I mean, on 74 Fury, gearbox could be A904 or A727, but I don't know how to sort it out. I have to change the gearbox pan gasket and other inside parts, and I don't know what gearbox it is. My car : 1974 Fury Gran...