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  1. chipieal

    Thoughts on a 64, 413???

    To begin with, I am not a mechanic However, when the 413 was in its heyday my dad drove Imperials. he had a 413 in his 59,62 and 64. As a road salesman he put around 125,000 miles on each. never missed a beat. Even the 64,which I beat unmercifully, never broke. As you can see to the left, I...
  2. chipieal

    Is a 1968 chrysler marine 440 compatible with 71 monaco??

    Now wait a minute. Have you ever driven a High Compression 383 - 2V ? The engine was available from 1959 -- 1964. Try a stock 64 300 Sport Series with this engine dual exhaust and a 3:23 Sure Grip. I never put a stop watch to it but I won many street races with it.