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  1. 5fty7vn

    '66 Newport fuel gauge not working

    I stopped to put gas in my Newport the other day. When I left the gauge read a half tank (which is accurate since I can make fuel last a while considering it's my weekend only driver). About 15-20 minutes later I happened to look down at the dash and saw the gauge was on "E". I didn't lose...
  2. 5fty7vn

    Bulkhead Connector

    Anyone know where I can find a bulkhead connector for a 1966 Newport? I need the top connector with the notch on the top, left side. Also looking for a good terminal wire crimper if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks.
  3. 5fty7vn

    '66 Newport hesitates

    My '66 Newport hesitates/"sputters" upon acceleration. Just started doing this today. Any ideas what might be causing it? I put new plugs in it about 2500 miles ago so i'm a little skeptical on if that is the problem. It's got a 383 2bbl.
  4. 5fty7vn

    Reverse Lights

    I have a '66 Newport that when I put it in reverse the reverse light won't come on unless the shifter is over the "K" in Park. Any ideas on how this can be adjust so the lights come on when the shifter is over the "R"? I was told I could make an adjustment under the dash, on the steering...