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  1. 5fty7vn

    1966 Newport Radiator

    Thank you. I don't think it needs to be cored but a good cleaning will probably help a ton.
  2. 5fty7vn

    1966 Newport Radiator

    Thank you for the advice........I haven't seen any radiator so far that would work as far as getting the shroud mounted correctly. I think i'll just take it in and have it cleaned out.
  3. 5fty7vn

    1966 Newport Radiator

    I'm debating on replacing the radiator for '66 Newport with a 383. It's old (pretty sure it's original) but honestly, it doesn't leak. I took it out the other day to run water through it and attempt to clean it out. At first it was a bit dirty, nothing terrible. It didn't take long for clear...
  4. 5fty7vn

    ‘68 Polara. First road trip in 31 years.

    WOW!!! Beautiful car!!! Good job!!!