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  1. Love Shack

    The biggest load of bs car advice, fearing for the future of auto knowledge

    Drive off in a cold car, in freezing temperatures while your windows frost over, and you can’t see where your going. That will shorten the life of the car, and possibly the driver. There’s no shortage of idiots out there.
  2. Love Shack

    Doesn't Get Any Stupider

    Dancing to the Grateful Dead, I imagine.
  3. Love Shack

    Texas auction of a Mopar Hoard.

    Does anyone know what the 63 Imperial 2door sold for? Black, lot #74 I think. Looked to be in fairly good shape, I can’t find any info. Sent an e-mail to the auction company, no reply on looking for ‘sold’ prices. Had to work, couldn’t monitor the auction. Thanks.
  4. Love Shack

    1st safety air bag car

    A neighbor of ours had one of those when they were new. He explained to us how it worked, and we thought he, and the whole idea, sounded pretty nutty.
  5. Love Shack

    Pabst Brewery and Mansion

    The box held 10 - half pound packages
  6. Love Shack

    Pabst Brewery and Mansion

    I wonder what’s at the McDonalds 27th and Morgan location now?
  7. Love Shack

    Pabst Brewery and Mansion

    Mmmmm .... a Pabst Root Beer float ! From the mid-1950’s
  8. Love Shack

    Pabst Brewery and Mansion

    From a Green Bay Packer program from the late 1940’s or so.
  9. Love Shack

    Remember when?

    For people who like to jump to conclusions....
  10. Love Shack

    Larry King has passed.

    I hear Burger King is being buried in a styrofoam casket, with a spray of French fries on top.
  11. Love Shack

    Larry King has passed.

    Is that a picture of Larry’s brother, Don ?
  12. Love Shack

    Remember when?

    Also found a bunch of these still in the boxes
  13. Love Shack

    Remember when?

    I found this, along with things in earlier posts while cleaning out my parents basement this past summer. A bit before my time (born in ‘61) It’s all brass.
  14. Love Shack

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays !
  15. Love Shack

    Pabst Brewery and Mansion

    WELL. ...... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?!?!?!?
  16. Love Shack

    Bring back our Drive-in movies!

    Outdoor theater in Jefferson, Wisconsin. It’s been there sine the late 50’s or early 60’s. Been showing older movies all summer, with good crowds. Recently had American Graffitti on a double feature, and local car clubs showed up as well. Also had the original ‘Psycho’ a while back. Lots of fun...
  17. Love Shack

    Interesting fact regarding Uranus

    Have you heard of Star Trek toilet paper? It orbits Uranus and wipes out Klingons.
  18. Love Shack

    "Blues Brothers" movie, 60 cruisers for $400 each....

    Automatic, as was as my infatuation with Miss Oakes.
  19. Love Shack

    Muscle Car Therapy with Nick- Post your therapy car.

    Oh, I got your meaning, made me chuckle also. Forgot to mention the Newport that’s been in the family for 48 years. Also still original, and a soothing ride.
  20. Love Shack

    Muscle Car Therapy with Nick- Post your therapy car.

    My uncle and I restored this 1930 Ford when I was in high school, also. It was good therapy for both of us. He did most of the mechanical, I did the body and paint, having worked and learned at a body shop then. Frame up restoration.