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    "SHOW CAR" Build Sheet

    What is the VIN?
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    Merry Christmas

    The Ghost of Christmas Past
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    68 sending units question

    If you change out a fuel tank sending unit, re-use the original lock ring if at all possible. With the reproduction lock ring, mine leaked like crazy. Had the original bead blasted and powder coated, installed it, and no more leak. Not sure that the reproduction sending units are very accurate...
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    Also, I believe the head is designed thinner, so when you put the rubber/plastic trim over the bolt head to hide it, it fits nicely
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    Floor mats

    Factory mats are marked ‘Chrysler Parts’ or ‘Mopar’ in the bottom corners nearest the seats. I believe they were available in a few different colors, and were being reproduced a few years ago.
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    Home from the paint shop

    So, would incorrect nomenclature in regards to the Plymouth Fury, tend to make one Furious, or Furyous?
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    The one I let get away.

    Even with it's faults, that baby's a keeper!
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    cold showers:

    I don't think there's much gas here, but there's no shortage of HOT AIR !