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  1. bronze turbine

    Torqueflite oil pan gasket

    I bought the OEM gasket for 90's Jeeps or trucks or whatever that someone here recommended as a superior alternative to the cork gaskets. I thought I heard somewhere that since it's slightly thicker you need to use pan bolts that are slightly longer. Is this true and how important is this? Thanks!
  2. bronze turbine

    What type of ATF to use in a standard?

    I'd probably use the stuff that's called "universal" which basically correlates to the old Dexron.
  3. bronze turbine

    Wrong size air filter O_O

    Interesting. When we purchased our '68 300 it also had the wrong air filter. There was about a 1/2" gap between the element and the housing. Our car has the 440 TNT filter housing with the twin snorkels.
  4. bronze turbine

    Speedometer help

    I just want to add that we have 4 of those cars and the speedometers read high on all of them, between 10 and 20 mph. Sure tire size will affect indicated speed, but 20 mph seems excessive. If the odometer is accurate for the most part and the speedometer is off, then I would assume the...
  5. bronze turbine

    What might i expect in swapping from a 2bbl to a...

    Back when I was 16 I inherited my dad's '68 New Yorker that some fly-by-night garage had swapped a 400 into. It had the 4-bbl thermoquad. No mechanic around here was able to get it running right until one of them put a 2-bbl on it. I thought it still had good pep off the line and ran a lot...
  6. bronze turbine

    Crank no start 1972 440

    If you are getting fuel and spark, the only thing left is compression. Maybe the timing is way off?
  7. bronze turbine

    1966 Newport 3 speed trans woes

    Do you have any trouble shifting from neutral to any gear with the engine running and the car not moving?
  8. bronze turbine

    1966 Newport 3 speed trans woes

    Just a guess but maybe a bad throw-out bearing?
  9. bronze turbine

    65 Fury small block swap or not???

    I like the idea of putting in a modern hi-performance 360. You would be adding a lot of power to the car but not a lot of weight.
  10. bronze turbine

    big block oil filters

    I used to use K-mart oil filters, they were fine! Anyone remember Lee oil filters? I used to be able to get them for 99 cents on sale!
  11. bronze turbine

    big block oil filters

    Going off on a tangent (which I've always tended to do since I was in grade school) I remember reading an article in Consumer Reports back in the '80s about the quality of engine oil filters. In their tests, they determined the best quality oil filter was the MoPar OEM filter, followed by...
  12. bronze turbine

    68 Newport, can I tighten the steering?

    Just don't make that allen screw too tight. There has to be some play. I suspect the p. o. of my 300 tightened that screw too much to try to get the car to drive like rack and pinion, and now the steering is tight and doesn't center itself very well. (The key is "follow the procedure in the...
  13. bronze turbine

    Tranny Question

    I would use the Mopar ATF +4 just because it's a modern synthetic of high quality and would be easy to find anywhere. Just be careful that you don't mix it with the old Dexron because I heard they're not compatible. And make sure that if you replace the pan gasket you use the genuine OEM Mopar...
  14. bronze turbine

    Metal fuel lines

    I've been thinking about the possibility of an engine fire due to using rubber fuel line between the fuel pump and carb, but I don't have the original carb on the engine and I don't have any way of making a custom metal fuel line. Can these be bought? I have a Street Demon carb and it's on a...
  15. bronze turbine

    64 New Yorker with a 727

    Get an OEM pan gasket, I've tried the cork type and they just immediately leak. These transmission will work on just about any type of trans fluid, but just beware of mixing fluids that aren't compatible.
  16. bronze turbine

    Should I do a trans band adjustment myself on a 1970 300 727?

    I'm pretty sure that IS the kick down linkage. It shifts it into "passing gear" (2nd), but only at WOT. Chrysler didn't have part-throttle kick-down until around '73. But, the older transmissions could be modified to have it. Depending on the adjustment of that lever, it also affects the...
  17. bronze turbine

    Should I do a trans band adjustment myself on a 1970 300 727?

    Just to echo the above replies, my '68 Chrysler transmission works pretty much the same as yours, always did. One thing I will add--I've heard ATF+4 isn't compatible with the old Dexron fluid, so shouldn't be mixed. And I wouldn't mix ATF+4 with Type F either. Just use the ATF+4 but make sure...
  18. bronze turbine

    Transmission Oil

    A bit of advice: if you replace the pan gasket use the genuine Mopar gasket. It's less likely to leak. The cork ones are junk.
  19. bronze turbine

    Hypothetical Question

    OK, I'm no expert, but here's my 2 cents: If you make no other changes to the engine, you will be wasting your time and money and will probably be unhappy with the results. Even going from a 650 to a 750 cfm carb will cause problems if you don't make other changes. Reason being, you are at...
  20. bronze turbine

    Transmission oil coolers

    If you're car is overheating, you probably have a problem with the radiator. I followed the same line of reasoning as you on my 1980 Mirada 30 years ago. I added a transmission oil cooler, but it didn't change my water temperature at all. Don't be too concerned if you have a temp. gauge and...