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  1. Love Shack

    Why?.....just why?

    To really finish that poor Imperial off, it needs 36” gold plated wheels. Just sayin’ .
  2. Love Shack

    Imperial Papperweights

    Paperweights, not papperweights.
  3. Love Shack

    Imperial Papperweights

    After recently cleaning out my parents house, I found these in a box, hadn’t seen them since I was a kid in the mid-60’s. My parents were given these paperweights by the dealer where they bought their new 1963 Imperial. They measure 3” x 5” ,are made of marble, and each have my parents name...
  4. Love Shack

    1963 Imperial @ August Kissimmee--Pics

    One of my all time favorites!!! Thanks for the pictures!
  5. Love Shack

    I found my imperial!!

    Factory Road Wheels would look great on that beast!!!!
  6. Love Shack


    WOW ! By the looks of it, somebody took a beating on that one! And its a convertible !!
  7. Love Shack

    63 Imperial Sheet metal panels ?

    I have a 63 Crown coupe sitting in my garage. I bought it when I was 30 and jokingly called it my 'retirement project'. Now, 25 years later, it doesn't seem so funny. Anyway, does anyone make patch panels for the rear quarters, or am I going to have to talk to the guy who pounds out suits of...
  8. Love Shack

    My new '67 imperial lebaron

    There used to be someone in my area who went around to dealerships and had equipment to 'cut' whitewalls into a blackwall tire. He could pretty much cut any width, or combo of widths, and they even had a dye or paint, if you wanted the whitewalls a certain color. Apparently, the sidewalls of...