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  1. boltupal

    HELP !What does it fit.

    Please post a picture of yours. Much thanks.
  2. boltupal

    HELP !What does it fit.

    So it mounts by that little ring around the filler neck?
  3. boltupal

    HELP !What does it fit.

    If its after market , why doesnt it ahve mounting holes? It looks like it slides into a brackets
  4. boltupal

    HELP !What does it fit.

    Thnaks guys
  5. boltupal

    HELP !What does it fit.

    I have this coolant overflow bottle for years. I dont know what came from.
  6. boltupal

    pop ups ads

    Trying to delete old messages is impossible with all of your pop ups. I know remember why I stopped using this site years ago
  7. boltupal

    For Sale 8 3/4 742 Dana power lock " sure grip" factory stock center section.

    Both carriers have 2.93 to 1 ring and pinion . Carriers are dated 1963 and 1964
  8. boltupal

    For Sale Imperial interior door parts 1964-66

    I am never going to use these parts . I think I pulled them from a 1964 lebarron coupe. All parts pictured 40.00
  9. boltupal

    For Sale 8 3/4 742 Dana power lock " sure grip" factory stock center section.

    This is the strongest factory installed 8 3/4 center section. I pulled these carriers 30 years ago from Imperials, they have been sitting in a bucket ever since. Good working used units . 600.00 each plus the ride. Or pick it up.
  10. boltupal

    ???? What is it ???

    Thank you very much.
  11. boltupal

    For Sale 1964 Imperial windshield wiper bezels

    A decent pair 40.00 plus shipping.
  12. boltupal

    ???? What is it ???

    This was in my boxes of Imperial parts. I dont remember what I pulled it off.
  13. boltupal

    For Sale 1964 Imperial tail light lens full set

    In good shape 75.00 plus shipping.
  14. boltupal

    WANTED 8 3/4 742 power lock{ suregrip] good working center section

    I have two completely stock 742 dana power lock center sections. Factory 2.93 to 1 gear ratios. I pulled these 30 years ago . Im never going to need them . 600.00 each plus shipping or you pick up. Paypal or postal money order only.
  15. boltupal

    For Sale Budd disc brake calipers

    3 Budd Front disc brakes calipers for Imperial 200.00 plus shipping
  16. boltupal

    Imperial Drag car

    Why does it have slicks on the back ?