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    For Sale '70 Sport Fury; revised price and pictures

    Any one have a need for parts from a '70 dash? PM me with wants and we can discuss and I'll pull parts. If no interest it takes a trip. No room to keep storing. As shown in picture the bottom of the dash face plate was cracked and looks to have been glued. Pad is shot. Good wiring harness. Don't...
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    For Sale '61 Plymouth

    Any one interested in a complete dash out of a straight stick car, or should I piece it out or toss. Has push button delete plate. Still has original vent tubes. Needs restored. Taking up space. Excuse the dirt on the floor, it's in an old garage. Have no idea what its worth. $350 plus shipping...
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    For Sale 1973 Fury Dash

    Complete '73 Fury dash. Shows crinkling of wood grain on left side. Asking $85 plus shipping from Pa.
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    For Sale '65 Fury

    '65 Fury das bezel with gauges and speedo. Excellent shape. $85 plus the ride