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  1. furious70

    I was all ready to get rich

    And then a dropped it and it cracked wide open :mad:
  2. furious70

    I happened to actually get a reman heater core

    I might have it pressure tested before I install, but it does fit
  3. furious70

    and now the heater box needs to shimmy out

    Almost have it out. I can't remember do you roll it up or down on it's way out? And do I have to take the bottom panel with the outlet for the driver's side vent off? I can't get it out from the dash just yet with that in place. I don't think I had put the console in the car yet when I did this...
  4. furious70

    Can't get to the hose clamp at the heater core

    I last had it apart 15 years ago and thought I was careful to put the clamps back clocked so that I could get at the head. Not so lucky on the outboard one. I got it a little loose but now slid to where I can't reach. Can't get it or the hose rotated or pulled out, any ideas?
  5. furious70

    Only 1" of vacuum to water valve

    Before pulling the heater box for heater core and ac drain leaks I wanted to test operations. Everything but the vacuum to water valve is ok. It's been dead for some time actually. I've got the ash tray and middle vents out so I can see the vacuum regulator off the controls. Is the smaller...
  6. furious70

    Where does my AC drain come out?

    Can't find it under the car and the floorboard got soaked bringing the car back to Chicago. Can't feel it near the heater hoses underneath the car.