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  1. Mr onetwo

    Hemi 345 or 392 crate engine

    New Hemi Engine Swaps over 1700 threads here. I have been asking my questions over there.If I was going to spend on a crate setup up I would go all the way with a 6.4/392 BGE. The Holley engine mounts apparently set the engine forward a couple of inches which is advantageous. IMHO the 8HP70 is...
  2. Mr onetwo

    Small Block A/C Delete and simple, just what I wanted for an answer:thumbsup:
  3. Mr onetwo

    Small Block A/C Delete

    Good morning all, My 1970 Fury is a 318 car with A/C. I want to get rid of all the brackets, ect. that pertain to ate A/C compressor including the condenser and just run this summer with alt,WP and PS. I have searched not found much here or elsewhere on specifics for the 318...mostly big block...
  4. Mr onetwo

    Silver Sport Transmissions A41 4-speed Overdrive Question

    I couldn't find a price on the exact B body kit , however Butler Performance has a Pontiac kit that appears to be the same for for $5149. Pretty expensive on the surface, but more research needs to be done on the pros and cons of this particular transmission.Silver Sports stuff is top notch.Just...
  5. Mr onetwo

    What Engine is in my Boat?

    What a cool boat! Do you tow it with something as equally cool?
  6. Mr onetwo

    Magnum Heads Durability, Opinions

    My 92 Dakota has the 318 magnum and I have had no issues with it in this regard.I tested the coolant for contamination last fall because I thought I might have lost a head gasket but it tested clean.The motor couldn't run any better than it does at 210,000 miles but it is a pig on gas.
  7. Mr onetwo

    1990 W150 TBI Ignition Cut Off

    You could switch over to a magnum flat belt setup out of a junkyard 92 up for cheap and keep the AC. If your truck hasn't been converted from R12 you can still get a Sanden compressor that accepts R12. I am seriously thinking about buying a wrecked Tesla model 3:realcrazy:
  8. Mr onetwo

    1990 W150 TBI Ignition Cut Off's too bad that these things can crop up.That roller 360 is a really good engine and would work well with points ignition and a Demon carb.You are already set up for an O2 gauge for tuning.I am not sure but I almost think that the front cover may have a block off plate where the fuel...
  9. Mr onetwo

    1990 W150 TBI Ignition Cut Off

    Have you checked the connector at the fire wall just to make sure something isn't heating up there?Might kill ignition run circuit.Very nice truck by the way.I had a 1993 V6 2wd that was a really great truck.I might think about the Holley Sniper to replace all your tbi stuff.At least then you...
  10. Mr onetwo

    1990 W150 TBI Ignition Cut Off

    So you have the 2 pin connector on the transmission instead of the 3?The ignition coil could be overheating I suppose. I would have suggested the sock on the in-tank pump but you already changed that.My truck actually did something similar last summer...turned out to be a dirty IAC valve.Your...
  11. Mr onetwo

    1990 W150 TBI Ignition Cut Off

    Check the ISC also
  12. Mr onetwo

    1990 W150 TBI Ignition Cut Off

    If the truck dies again, check to see if the auto shutdown relay is energized.Bad relay or bad distributor output to the SEBEC.I just thought of something else...check to make sure your torque converter is unlocking...there is another solenoid.Going backwards in time would actually be quite...
  13. Mr onetwo

    1990 W150 TBI Ignition Cut Off

    get this if you don't already have one 1990 Dodge Truck 3.9/2.5/5.9L Powertrain Diagnostics Procedures Manual | eBay
  14. Mr onetwo

    1990 W150 TBI Ignition Cut Off

    crankshaft position sensor or perhaps the fuel cutoff switch.There are also a bunch of fuel injection relays that will do this.In the Dakota world when this stuff starts happening to a pre-OBD2 truck 50% of the time it ends up in the junkyard because it is never fixed.Good luck
  15. Mr onetwo

    8 3/4 diff/axle rebuild manual?

    good read Chunky Monkey: 8¾ Rear End Center Section Rebuild - Mopar Connection Magazine | A comprehensive daily resource for Mopar enthusiast news, features and the latest Mopar tech
  16. Mr onetwo

    A question of rear ends.

    this seems like a good start 8.75" 8-3/4" Chrysler Mopar Dodge Nodular Iron Rearend 742 Case - 3rd Member NEW | eBay
  17. Mr onetwo

    Trans Kick down whoas!

    is this the throttle stud you are looking for? Demon 124007DEM Carburetor Throttle Stud
  18. Mr onetwo

    Tool - to remove Too Much Engine Oil

    I have this one and it works fantastically! Tests were done in various forums and on YouTube and these devices actually do a better job of cleaning out the oil pan than draining thru the drain plug.Just plug it...
  19. Mr onetwo

    Looking for advice on '68 318

    Do a leak down test also.You can get iron heads for a 318 for practically free...then get them redone if yours aren't any good.I wouldn't touch a 360 with a ten foot pole.
  20. Mr onetwo

    516 heads , good or bad

    by the guru.... Cylinder Heads Part I - Tech Articles - Mopar Muscle Magazine