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    England Australie members

    Dashboard is a 1966 Dodge design not 1968
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    A new guy from Germany with a question...

    he is/was Don Oppen on the german board IIRC
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    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    but I have no contact details to the swedish owner
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    Cruising On The Autobahn

    I have buried the needle more than once past the 120mph marker in most of my cars:) But I have my hands on the steering wheel and don't take pictures of it. Carsten
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    Cruising On The Autobahn

    ??? What are you talking about? Today? Or back in the 60s&70s? American cars in the 60s/early 70s were NOT cheap affordable because the USD was very strong ! Chrysler was big in some european countries back then they just didn't want to go to the german market. But they were big in NL...
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    Rare combinations?

    I rather take the 4-seed car
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    C body vert prices??

    I definetly do not see any 65-68 Fury vert bringing near 40k. You can ask the moon without being charged. I don't think any of them will bring more than 25k, unless it is a factory 440, 4speed car. You need to be patient in your hunt. Good luck Carsten
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    Running and driving!

    Hi Justin, honest opinion: the good: you saved it from dieing I like patina. To me it is a little bit too rough, though. But I would have never clear coated it. To me it is : Leave it original or do it right. the real bad: Wheels and tires. 15" steel wheels with beautiful habcaps would have...
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    68 Sport Fury 4 speed

    what does he need the Dana 53 for? It is for C-bodies only It is not for B&E Bodys. You should let him know in case he doesn't know that
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    Mini early C Bodies

    Jo-Han Promos warp till including 1963 models. After that they swaped from acetat to styrene, too like AMT did in 1961/1962 Carsten
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    Mini early C Bodies

    for those who don't know which ones: 70&71 Charger 70&71 Cuda 70&71 Challenger 71 Duster There was no 70 Duster Promo made There was a 70 GTX Promo as well as a 71 Road Runner but bothe were not made in FC7 Carsten
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    Mini early C Bodies

    thanks for sharing your pics. I collect Promos from 1955-1974, too. Started with kits from Jo-Han when I was 12 Carsten
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    When did Chrysler stop using the Certicards?

    till the 67 modelyear it was attached in the engine bay. In 1968 it was with the operators manual. Since 1969 it is MIA
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    Which do you like better? Slab side or Fuselage?

    Hi, at german car shows Fuselage C-Bodys are usually the biggest crowd followed by the slabs. Formals are far behind only followed by Forwardlook cars which are very rare in Germany. But it is different in each European country. While Forwardlooker are seldom in Germany they are plentiful in...
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    Which do you like better? Slab side or Fuselage?

    yes, the Polara is nicknamed "Frankenstein-Cucamonga" as it is a custom car. But not many people get it. The Polara wanted the conversion as it had its ugly front grill already thrown off itself when I saw it. And I wanted to be a customizer at least once in my life:lol: It runs very well and...
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    Which do you like better? Slab side or Fuselage?

    yes, I own both. Sport Fury is registered & usually gets driven by my girl friend Carsten