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    Mid Mopar Meet 16./17th September 2022 Homberg/Efze germany

    last year we had 190 classic cars attending (130 Mopars & 60 other american cars) here is a link to some more pics taken Mid Mopar Meet
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    car show pics from Dresden

    some c-bodies in Dresden germany
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    Mid Mopar Meet 17./18th September Homberg/Efze germany

    the german "Mid Mopar Meet" will happen again. Last year more than 100 classic Mopar attended
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    Mid Mopar Meet Homberg/Efze germany 18-20 September 2020

    Hi, on the weekend from the 18th to the 20th of september the first Mopar Meet in Homberg/Efze germany will take place. All Mopars till the 1980 model year are welcome
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    Mopar Meeting germany 2007 pictures

    as the car Show Season seems to be going down the toilet this year a Buddy put up some pics from the german Mopar Meeting in 2007 held on an old closed mine (old parking lot for the employes). There was racing at a local Airport in the evening A lot of C-bodies are shown. Enjoy ! Mopar...
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    C-bodie pictures Season closer Germany

    last week the german Moparshop had a season closer. More than a 150 Mopars attended. Here are some C-bodies
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    Moparshop season closer

    the car show season just started. Still have a last few pics from last years seasoncloser which was held in the industrial area of the moparshop. So the industrial area was floaded with around 100 old Mopars with 1/3 of them being C-bodies
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    american car nationals cologne 1989

    calling Oklahoma Pat: Here is Jakes old Fury in cologne on the Essoground. You and I have been there, too. Say "hi" to Jake if you talk to him Carsten
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    Fuselage Meeting Bernkastel-Kues July 2016

    Hi, next year there will be a "C-Body Fuselage only" Show in Bernkastel-Kues. It will be held for the first time. It is possible to arrive on friday. There will be a cruise along the Mosel river on saturday. I hope some of our members from germany/netherland/belgium/france/luxemburg might...
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    Drag Event Bitburg airbase and US car Meet Frankfurt

    Early october there was a Drag race event at the old american airbase in Bitburg. Quiet a few cars turned up but only one C-Body. The area in the south west (Rheinland Pfalz) doesn't have many old Mopars or american cars in general. Even though a lot of US soldiers have been there. I drove down...
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    Muscle car Showdown in Weinstadt (southern germany)

    as the event suggests it is mostly attended by Muscle cars. But some C-Bodys show up, too
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    Motorhaubensitzen Cologne

    In end of september there was a small show in Cologne. It wasn't even an official event more like a get together undeneath one of the Rhein river bridges. It was communicated over FB and some forums. Around 100 old cars howed up. Here are the C-Bodies this Imperial belongs to our member...
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    Big Bumper Meet Oldenburg (germany) pics

    picture time again. This show is held at a furniture house. Not a too big show (250cars) but some C-bodies attended.
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    C-Bodys in Reuver (ntherlands)

    Here are some pics of a car Show in Reuver (netherlands) from early this month). A nice show just for classic American cars buillt till 1979. As usual I just post the late 50s and C-Bodys, no A-B-E-Body stuff Carsten
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    US Car Classics in Berlin, germany

    Hi, I drove up to Berlin (actually Schloss Diedersdorf), a nice place 5 miles south of Berlin. The weather was good and the show had around 800 american cars older than 30 years. Here are some C-Body pics Carsten
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    C-Bodys in Bremen

    I have been to a car show at a shopping center in Bremen There was a wide variety of cars and thought I could share some pics of Full SIze cars which attended. Some Forwardlook cars
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    American car show Falkenberg, sweden

    I was at several meetings in sweden this summer already. The biggest is Västeras with around 20.000 cars attending. These pics are from a car show called wheels&wings with around 6.000 cars. Hope you enjoy to see some pics Carsten
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    pics car show from US-car magazine

    the best magazine for classic american cars in germany is the They are published 5-6 times a year. They also organize several shows for american cars. I was in Hildesheim, here are some pics from C-Bodys which attended at the show in may
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    Local cruise in pics

    a few pics from local cruises this spring