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  1. Walter Joy

    Carolina Traveler: Amphicar

    Disney Springs in Orlando has a half dozen of them they use and you can ride in.
  2. Walter Joy

    Broadcast sheet picture thread

    Old thread, but I’ve been on a broadcast sheet binge. This was the one in the rear seat back of Delmae, my 1971 Polara. Honestly, I was over the moon when I found it (along with a sealed pack of license plate bolts). This brings up a question- where are the common spots for finding them? So far...
  3. Walter Joy

    Pump gas

    Dad runs this stuff he calls “Rocket Fuel”. It’s $50 for 5 gallons, no ethanol, and no problems
  4. Walter Joy

    Carlisle Chrysler Nationals July 13 - 15, 2018

    I’ll have my W250 there. The Polara project has yet to take off
  5. Walter Joy

    Mopar Stash

    I met a guy at Carlisle who has a similar collection. He's been mentioned on Allpar and Hot Rod Magazine. He's got a Superbird, a few GTXs, I believe a T/A Challenger, and the very first 1970 Hemi Roadrunner pilot car