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  1. Dana Goetz


    First off, 5500 Cdn is only about 3900 USD, still a good deal. "Engine rebuilt" is an overstatement. I talked to the owner and he sent me the invoices for work done along with some pictures of the underbody. a small front fender hole. He says the paint is original and the body has never been...
  2. Dana Goetz

    FOR SALE: NOT MINE 1971 IMPERIAL LeBARON This car looks very good for only $5500 Cdn. If I had the space, I'd buy it!
  3. Dana Goetz

    C body Chrysler value seemingly on the rise

    I think the C bodies, esp. Chryslers, are just not attractive to a lot of people which suits me just fine as I can enjoy them without having to spend all my retirement savings!
  4. Dana Goetz

    1978 NYB St Regis questions

    I can't download the picture but I'll attach the PDF document showing what I've done so far. The last digit of the vin is also unreadable
  5. Dana Goetz

    1978 NYB St Regis questions

    It was sent to me by the seller on a blind text and I haven't been able to download the picture but I'm working on it
  6. Dana Goetz

    1978 NYB St Regis questions

    Thank you. I think you are correct. That corner of the tag is corroded so I want sure of the code. It also has the R36 AM/FM cb radio
  7. Dana Goetz

    1978 NYB St Regis questions

    I'm looking at buying a 78 NYB St. Regis and I have a few questions: 1. Anyone know the production number for the St Regis package? 2. The fender tag has a N02 code in the upper right corner. What does that code mean? 3. Does the 440-4 (E85) engine have a catalytic converter? This car is...
  8. Dana Goetz

    What are we using for Wiper Blade Refills?

    I got Anco vintage replacements from Rock Auto for my 76 formal. They are an exact match to the original
  9. Dana Goetz

    Proposed change-out of 383 to 440 in 69 Polara convertible

    There is also the added torque of a big engine in a 'vert. The body is nowhere near as rigid and they have a lot of body twist. I had a '70 Challenger R/T 'vert back in the day and with the stock 383 Magnum, I couldn't keep the rear top edge of the door from hitting the quarter panel due to body...