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    Import exhaust question

    I’ve heard some of these aftermarket exhaust systems on imported cars I generally find them sounding like a out of tune trumpet but that’s my opinion only Now more and more I hear these loud exhaust systems were when the driver backs off the gas pedal it sounds like the engine is backfiring...
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    Lead and leadless

    The guy who did the body work on my 69 used lead. After it was blasted he showed me the original lead joints from the factory. He leaded in both quarters after they were mig welded. He also used lead on the trunk extension part which had a lot of rot. I do know he used a skim coat over the...
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    Sacramento County makes DIY vehicle repairs illegal

    I understand what your saying and I get the tax part.... Ive been to many homes were guys had good size garages out back, fixed cars, even ran repair business's They had the location and acreage to do that and they should be able to do just that. In other neighbourhoods the houses are closer...
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    35MM Film Cameras

    I sent camera out today Will keep all informed of how it turns out
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    How to restore a (truck) alternator...amazing skills

    Probably a better job they did on that alternator than the stuff you'd get at some chain store auto parts Think about what those guys could do in a decent shop with decent tooling
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    Sacramento County makes DIY vehicle repairs illegal

    This isn't entirely uncommon. Many laws are already on the books concerning working on cars in residential neighbourhoods. These laws are in place designed for making it illegal to run a repair service out of a garage in a residence. I'll be dammed if anyone tells me what kind of work I can...
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    35MM Film Cameras

    I bought a Ricoh around 1975. It was completely manual, had a basic light meter and that was it. I took many pictures with that camera and I learned the basics of photography. Old school still rules
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    35MM Film Cameras

    I owe you. I just called, sounds like a nice man and will be sending the camera soon Its a Cannon A1... Use to work fine but that was decades ago and now I see the light seals falling apart. I want it gone over completely For some reason old technology is appealing to me more and more. I have...
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    Vintage 1932 Chevy fire truck found in a shed

    That was great!!!! Bob's videos are what the hobby is all about!!!!!!!
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    35MM Film Cameras

    Anyone still into using film cameras? Im looking for recommendations for a shop to do some repairs on my Cannon A1
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    New truck

    So I took the advise and went for the Hemi. I figured if things don't work out I could put the Hemi into the 69 sport satellite LOL....Dont know how that would go over with the wife I was a little skeptical with buying this truck but that's changed. Its some truck, well constructed and...
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    New truck

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    727 dipstick tube leak

    I bought that dipstick and gasket from A &A transmission. Ive found that if the dipstick tube does not fit properly into the trans it will leak regardless of O ring. I used the shoulder type of seal shown in the picture Mev posted. My trans was drained and I used some RV sealant and let it set...
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    1958 Dodge Coronet 2-door Coupe

    I love the exterior color two tone. It looks decent but I couldn't buy that car without seeing it in person. Im also suspect of any car advertised with no underneath pictures. I love those fifties Mopars and if that car checked out, I had the space and some extra cash that car would be...
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    I’m going with V8 My Tacoma has the V6 as does my Camry My new car has the 4 cyl with turbo I’ve gotten use to the more HP engines Besides if I bought anything but a Chrysler products vehicle I’d get banned from all the forums for sure:lol:
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    Thank you for the advice. Im going with the Hemi The dealership im going to do business with is the same auto group I just recently bought a new car from They have the exact truck I would want with the V8 Will keep you informed
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    Im looking at a new Big Horn 1500 4x4 quad cab 6'bed with the basic V6....The engine is a concern. I am hesitant about the V6. I dont have immediate plans to tow anything but I may be looking to tow a 16' boat with outboard. Thats not a definite but id rather be prepared Im seeing one...
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    69 Polara Convertible For Sale

    Very nice and best of luck I think you did very well with the purchase of this car
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    Tool ideas?

    keep it simple, you don't need anything but whatever pipe fits inside 5/8 heater hose or whatever copper tubing and two tees...On the bull of the tee you either solder your sweat to pipe adapter or if its a threaded tee, you bush it down to what you need.... Id use pipe, two nipples with...