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  1. NY69

    Steering wheels interchange 69/71?

    I'd love to see some pics of your car.
  2. NY69

    Steering wheels interchange 69/71?

    Got a new ride? :steering: If I recall correctly, 69 is one year only. But maybe that's just for tilt column steering wheels.
  3. NY69

    Fuselage fender removal

    Thanks. I already did that; with the cowl covered, there's no water leaking.
  4. NY69

    Fuselage fender removal

    Thanks for the responses. The leak is definitely not coming from the heater core. I have removed the debris shield and thoroughly cleaned and inspected the inside of the cowl for as far as I could reach and see. So far, I haven't found any rust, not even surface rust (CA car). So, removing the...
  5. NY69

    Fuselage fender removal

    I have water leaking from the cowl into the car, I suspect a clogged cowl drain, on the right side, behind the fender. So I was planning to remove the rightside fender, and while I'm at it, also take the opportunity to do some rust prevention since I've never been behind there. Today, I found...
  6. NY69

    NOT MINE 71 NYer coupe yellow (Belgium)

    ② Chrysler New Yorker coupé 1971 — Oldtimers — 2dehands Apologies for not being able to post any pictures. Maybe someone with better computer skills could add some?
  7. NY69

    What's your unicorn??

  8. NY69

    For Sale 1971 Chrysler 300 Bucket Seats

    People might also be interested to know where the seats could be picked up.
  9. NY69

    Sway Bar Link Bushings

    If I recall correctly, you can also order them at
  10. NY69

    My new 69 Newport B7 Blue with 383HP

    So what's the status on this car?
  11. NY69

    NOT MINE 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury Coupe - $2,500 - El Cajon, California

    Agree. Did that once, with a car with b-pillars. Took me 3,5 days.
  12. NY69

    Welcome Michele 300 Mopar to FCBO!

    Welcome, amiamo le immagini
  13. NY69

    NOT MINE 71 NYer coupe (Finland) € 15.790

    Thanks for adding the pics. If at least those dutchman panel issues have not been addressed, the price is way too steep, even for EU standards.
  14. NY69

    NOT MINE 71 NYer coupe (Finland) € 15.790 Apologies for not being able to upload any pictures; somehow I cannot select the pictures from that site.
  15. NY69

    NOT MINE 1971 Chrysler 300 Coupe - 199,000 zł - Rybnik, Woj. Śląskie, Poland

    I guess this is not the right color yellow?
  16. NY69

    Screenshot of the Day

  17. NY69

    1969 Temp Control Knob

    Sorry that I can't help you with that but I would love to see an in-depth report on that project.
  18. NY69

    Pics of 69-73 C bodies

    That is a nice matching couple! The T&C is/was for sale; my guess is that the Newport belongs to forum member Sean (Chrysler family cars CZ), following up on my post in this thread: WANTED - 1969-7972 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon That was quite a trip for the Newport; like 1500 miles or so...
  19. NY69

    69 side marker lenses

    I replaced mine for a set of universal lenses that you can buy in any kind of general auto or bike store; you won't be able to spot the difference unless you are looking for the correct stamps in the reflector. For example (not the ones I bought): Reflector 86x40mm Oranje 2 stuks You could cut...